Fuzzy in Finance, Trade, and Services

Mon, 18 May 1998 12:29:13 +0200 (MET DST)

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I am looking for pointers to

- real-world applications of fuzzy logic
- feasibility studies using fuzzy logic
- references / literature describing fuzzy logic applications
- products based on fuzzy logic
- ongoing projects using fuzzy logic
- all other information related to fuzzy logic

in the areas of finance, trade, and services.

Please send me your contributions, ideas, ... to rw@mitgmbh.de.

We are writing a report where the potentials of fuzzy technologies in
the areas of finance, trade, and services will be presented.

This report will be offered by ERUDIT - the European network of
excellence in uncertainty techniques. ERUDIT consists of several
technical committees (TCs). Technical committee F deals with the
topics of finance, trade, and services.

More information on ERUDIT is given in: www.mitgmbh.de/erudit

TC F will present the results of the above mentioned report at a
meeting on September 9, 1998 during the conference EUFIT '98 in
Aachen, Germany. Further information on EUFIT '98 is available via
internet from www.mitgmbh.de/eufit or by e-mail from eufit@mitgmbh.de.

Thank you for your contributions.

Richard Weber