Re: fuzzy relations: Left Handed Elephants Hunters

Larchie (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:08:08 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello Damian
A fuzzy relation is an implication mapping and like all mathematical
mappings, you need to have a clear idea of the domains of the key variables
{ e.g. Real -> Real, Complex -> Complex etc} as well as the physical basis
of the problem; which in simple terms means you cannot just map apples to
oranges UNLESS you first define or agree that you are dealing with fruits of
a certain genre.
In a very simplistic form a fuzzy relation is like the correlation function
in hyperspace. So "fuzzy-relating " the height of left-handed elephant
hunters in Boneo with the mating habits of elephants at the San Diego Zoo is
possible but a very dubious exercise indeed..


I. Larchie
Quansa Ltd
West Africa

PS: Prof . Mamdanni is a young MAN- at- heart
last seen pottering around Queens College in London.

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Subject: fuzzy relations

>Can anyone tell me what a fuzzy relation means in layman's terms. That is,
>given two fuzzy sets you can compose a fuzzy relation between them using,
>say, the cartesian product - but what does this actually represent?
>I mean, you could combine a fuzzy set of lamp-post heights with the fuzzy
>set of the weights of african frogs mathematically - but does it have any
>real interpretation?
>Also, am I correct in presuming that Prof. Mamdani is a bloke? I am
>preparing a report on the mamdani implication and I don't want to make any
>fundamental cock-ups.