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Sun, 26 Apr 1998 21:39:02 +0200 (MET DST)


The 1998 International Conference on Information
Fusion (FUSION'98) will be held in Las Vegas, from
July 6 to 9, 1998. We invite you to submit drafts
(1 to 5 pages) of unpublished paper(s) to Prof.
Hamid Arabania (address below; email is best). Final
manuscript are due on May 22, 1998. All papers will be
presented at the conference and published in the
conference Proceedings. For details on FUSION98, visit

submit all papers to:
Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia
(Vice Chairman of FUSION'98)
The University of Georgia
Department of Computer Science
415 Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7404, U.S.A.
Tel: (706) 542-3480 Fax: (706) 542-2966

So far the conference has received over 160 papers
covering all aspects of information fusion. They
include fusion algorithm, theory, architecture and
applications in automation, target tracking,
positioning and nagivation, robotics, predictive
data mining, fuzzy logic and neural network applications
in business intelligence and industrial controls, image
fusion and recognition. A list of 27 technical sessions
with sessin chairs are attached below.


Daniel Zhu, Ph.D.
General Chair of FUSION'98
Zaptron Systems, Inc.
520 Weddell Drive, Suite 11
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2120
Tel: 408-732-7779, Fax: 408-490-2729,
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as of April 20, 1998

01 Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion: Theory & Algorithms
Nageswara Rao
02 Multi-source Information Fusion I - Algorithms Belur Dasarathy
03 Multi-source Information Fusion II - Architecture and Applications Belur
04 Bayesian Probability and Fuzzy Mathematics for Information Fusion Heping
05 Multisensor Target Tracking and Recognition I Oliver Drummond
06 Multisensor Target Tracking and Recognition II Oliver Drummond
07 Learning and Adaptive Sensor Fusion Erick Blasch
08 Sensor Data Fusion in Navigation, Positioning and Tracking D. Daniel Zhu
09 Information Fusion Techniques in Business and Finance Zhong-Tuo Wang
10 Mathematical Methods and Applications Yangzhang Wang
11 Multisensor Fusion in Industrial Automation, Diagnostics & Safety Xiwen
12 Information Fusion in Control and Tracking Applications Zhongliang
13 Naval Applications of Data and Information Fusion Techniques Per Svensson
14 Image Fusion: Medical Diagnosis and Military Applications J. Williams, D.
15 Data Fusion for Military Situation Assessment Alan L. Meyrowitz
16 Techniques for Aerospace Environment Sensing & Satellite Meteorology
Donald Bustamante
17 Sensor Data Fusion in Image Processing with Applications Daniel L.
18 Data Fusion: Handling Uncertainty Mark Bedworth
19 Multisensor Fusion in Imaging, Acoustics, Vision and Medicine Laurie
Webster II
20 Uncertain Image Fusion and Smart Data Acquisition JianZhong Qian
21 Information Quality and Algorithm Performance Evaluation Ivan Kadar
22 Multisensor Data Fusion Using Neural and Fuzzy Techniques Chris J.
23 Information Fusion using Neural Networks Deshunag Huang
24 Sensor and Task Management: Techniques and Applications James Llinas
25 Multisensor Fusion Methods for Target Detection and Tracking Omar
26 Stochastic Methods in Information and Data Fusion Chris Bowman
27 Practical Aspects of Data Fusion for Air Surveillance Uri Degen