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Post-Conference Workshop on


Theory and Applications

Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming

Manchester , UK

June 20, 1998

The aim of the workshop is to bring together active researchers interested
in the two joining areas of logic programming and soft computing to discuss
current research, results, and problems of both theoretical and practical

Both the two fields have become established disciplines with successful
applications, representing two mature and promising subjects of
investigation. The introduction of fuzzy concepts in logic programming
allows the achievement of results that could never be attained in the
classical computational models. Soft Computing is the natural evolution of
fuzzyness in a computational context. Many concepts of computer science have
been tackled within the framework of a fuzzy interpretation of classic
computational models. In particular, logic programming and knowledge-based
systems in general, have a computational model and a theoretical background
that are well suited for a fruitful investigation in the area of soft
A wide community of researchers is paying attention to the analysis of the
strenght and weakenss of logic programming and soft computing, what do they
have in common, and what can they offer each other. The combination of soft
computing tolerance for imprecision and logic programming's power and
semantics can provide a way towards the implementation of intelligent
knowledge-based systems.

The workshop aims to be a good opportunity for reseachers working in related
areas to get an overview of the current state of the art in this field. It
will be organized in sections with short talks (20-30 minutes), followed by
discussions and possible system demonstrations.

Papers are invited that describe practical and/or theoretical works on logic
programming and soft computing.
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

∑ Fuzzy Extensions of Logic Programming ∑ Implementations and Applications
∑ Theorem Proving in Approximated Reasoning ∑ Hybrid Systems
∑ Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge-based Systems ∑ Semantics
∑ Query Answering Process ∑ Fuzzy Unification and Resolution
∑ Fuzzy Deductive Databases ∑ Theoretical Foundations
. Soft Computing and Inductive Logic Programming

We would like to stress that not only papers presenting completed work, but
also papers on novel ideas and of exploratory nature are welcome.


- Postscript (preferably) or rtf versions of the extended abstract have to
be sent
via ANONYMOUS FTP to the following address:

Use the first author name as file-name.

- Send an e-mail message with the title of the paper, and the names of the
authors to:

Trevor Martin at

Francesca Arcelli at

- Questions regarding the workshop can be directed to one of the above

- The extended abstracts should be no more than 10 pages long (including
figures and references) and should include the authorsícomplete contact
information (name, affiliation, postal address, electronic address and
telephone/fax numbers) and should be sent before may 4, 1998.

- Authors will be advised as to the acceptance status of their paper around
may 22, 1998 and authors of accepted papers should electronically send their
final workshop version by june 5, 1998.


Artificial Intelligence Group, DEM
University of Bristol, BS8 1TR, England


F.Arcelli (Italy)
J.F.Baldwin (England)
J.C.Cubero (Spain)
D.Dubois (France)
F.Formato (Italy)
G.Gerla (Italy)
T.P.Martin (England)
H.Prade (France)
A.Ralescu (USA)

The Program Committee will review the extended abstract.
Accepted and presented papers will be included in a proceedings volume.
After the workshop, a second round of more extensive reviews is planned which
is to lead to the publication of extended versions of selected
contributions in in a regular proceedings volume (as for LPSC'96).

May. 4, 98: Deadline for submissions
May.22, 98: Notification of acceptance
Jun. 5, 98: Deadline for final copy

The JICSLP'98 conference is the fourth
joint event for the International Conference on Logic Programming
and the International Logic Programming Symposium, and is
the fifteenth conference in each of the two series of
premier international conferences on Logic Programming, both
sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming.

JICSLP'98 will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the world's
First Stored-program Computer, built in the Department of Computer
Science at the University of Manchester in 1948.

JICSLP98 will be co-located with several other conferences,
including LOPSTR'98, the Eighth International Workshop on
Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation, and
an Industrial Day organised by PAP/PACT and Compulog Net.

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