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> Hi,
> I need information on classical probability conditioned by a fuzzy set,
> and the relationship with the T-norms (in particular Lukasiewicz
> intersection). Can anyone help me?
> Brunella Gerla
> Ph.D. Student
> University of Milan - Italy
Hi Brunella,
We have done quite a bit of work on probability of fuzzy events and
especially conditional probability. Two references are;

J.F. Baldwin, J.Lawry, T.P. Martin "A Mass Assignment Theory of the
Probability of Fuzzy Events" Fuzzy Sets and Systems 83 (1996) pp353-367

J.F. Baldwin, J.Lawry, T.P. Martin "A Note on Probability/Possibility
Consistency for Fuzzy Events" Proceedings IPMU 96 ,Vol 1 pp521-526

Also some general references to check are;

L.A. Zadeh "Probability Measures of Fuzzy Events" J.Math.Anal.Appl 23
(1968) pp421-427

J.F. Buoncristiani "Probability measures of fuzzy sets and epsilon-fuzzy
sets" J. Math.Anal.Appl 96 (1983) pp24-41

P Smets "Probability of a fuzzy event: An axiomatic approach " Fuzzy
Sets and Systems 7 (1982) pp153-164

R.R. Yager "A note on probabilities of fuzzy events" Inform. Sci. 18
(1979) pp113-129

Hope this helps


Jonathan Lawry

Dr Jonathan Lawry
AI Group,
Dept. Engineering Mathematics,
University of Bristol,
Bristol, BS8 1TR, UK
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