RE: Fuzzy computers

Constantin von Altrock (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 17:14:01 +0200 (MET DST)

Douglas Doherty wrote:

> We were very interested in some ICs made in the US by Adaptive Logic which
> were fuzzy computers with inputs and outputs that could be programmed like
> controllers. When we came to find out more we discovered that the company
> had gone bust. Is there anyone else out there who is making anything
> like that?

Dear Douglas

What might come closest to the Adaptive Logic chips is using the Microchip
PIC microcontrollers ( with the Microchip fuzzyTECH
software development system ( The Microchip PIC
microcontrollers are field programmable and have analog and digital
periphery on board. The fuzzyTECH development system is a complete
programming and testing environment for this.

To get started, Microchip's distributors offer a $99 kit containing
fuzzyTECH and fuzzyLAB. fuzzyLAB is a fuzzy logic experimental board with a
complete temperature control example (including heating and sensor
elements), using PIC microcontrollers with fuzzyTECH based implementation
programmed on them.

Compared to the Adaptive Logic chips you get about the same price and
performance figures for fuzzy logic implementations. Plus, you can integrate
"normal" code in C or assembly.

Good luck