Re: faq & starting books 4 begginer?

Will (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:30:17 +0200 (MET DST)

Helder Gomes Monteiro wrote in message <6h5af0$hha$>...
> Hi!
> Can anyone point me to where the faq is and some books for
> begginers( i assume the faq must point out a few!) ???

I haven't seen the FAQ, is there one? As far as books, I read
Fuzzy Logic by Daniel McNeill and Paul Freiberger
ISBN 0671875353
This gave an interesting overview of the field. No math, just some
accomplishments and major arguments/topics. It's a pleasant read, and helps
to give a perspective on the realm.

An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic for Practical Applications
by Kazuo Tanaka, trans. Tak Niimura
ISBN 0387948074

This is a quick view of the math involved along with several example
systems. It is about 200 pages and every bit is packed with useful, easy to
understand information. If you are a programmer, and you have this book, I
doubt that you would have trouble putting together a simple fuzzy system in
a short period of time.