Re: Information and (Information-Theoretic) Entropy

Stephen Paul King (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 18:07:02 +0200 (MET DST)

Thanks for the correction! :) I was refeering to Information theory
entropy but I typo'ed!

Stephen Paul King

Doug Elias <> wrote:

>G'day ...
>A recent posting from [ (Stephen Paul King)], in
>response to a query regarding "existence requires non-existence",
>included the following statement:
>" ... information and entropy are inversely related-if you have a
>maximum-entropy solution, then you have a minimum-information
>solution, and visa versa, according to Kosko ..."
>I just want to point out that the type of "information" being
>described here is different from that commonly encountered in
>Information Theory generally, where "information" is regarded as what
>results from an experimental trial -- in that case, "maximum-entropy"
>prior to the trial is equivalent to "maximum information" resulting
>from the trial, as is immediately obvious when considering how much
>information is derived (i.e., how "surprised" one is) from a totally
>certain event: this event has an absolutely minimum entropy (0), and
>performing the trial results in absolutely no surprise or new
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