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>For your information, in the March 22 issue of the N.Y. Times there is
>an article about the new VW Beetle. The following is a quote from the article.
>The New Beetle has a five-speed manual transmission (the old Beetle had
>four), or an automatic that uses "fuzzy logic" to adapt to the driver's style.
>Should you come across any articles in the technical or popular press
>about the new transmission please share the information with the BISC Group.
>Warm regards to all, Lotfi Zadeh

You can find details about this fuzzy automatic transmission in

Markus Schroeder, Rainer Petersen, Frank Klawonn and Rudolf Kruse,
Two paradigms of automative fuzzy logic applications, in
M. Jamshidi et al., Applications of Fuzzy Logic - Towards High
Machine Intelligence Quotient Systems, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle
River, 1997, pp. 153-174.

Rainer Petersen ( said that VW uses his so
called "AG4" for the new beetle, which is described in the above paper.

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