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Subject: Intelligent Control Workshop
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Call for Papers
Second International Workshop on INTELLIGENT CONTROL
Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center,RTP,N.C.,USA

Santa Fe Institute,the nerve center of a think tank consisting
of prominent scientists,has identified complexity,adaptation,and
upheavals at the edge of chaos. NSF and other US research agencies
are pushing for learning,adaptive,intelligence ,knowledge and
distributed information.Indeed,a very exciting period of dynamic
systems research is ahead of us! The task of designing intelligent
control systems must be looked at from the systems integrating
point of view.

The4 evolution of classical and modern control has brought many
challenges for control engineers in solving the peocessing problems
of intelligent and complex systems.The emergence of the powerful
computational intelligence tools of fuzzy logic,neural networks,
AI,genetic algorithms and pattern recognition;all biologically
inspired;have matured enough during the past decade for control
engineers to begin to think about the architecture,functioning and
basic characteristics of an intelligent control system!This workshop
recognizes an urgently needed forum for public discussion and debate
of these important issues.

The keynote and plenary speakers include:
Panos J.Antsaklis ,John Baillieul ,Stephen Grossberg ,Yu Chi Ho ,
Lotfi A.Zadeh ,Julius T.Tou ,Jim Albus,...Please refer to:

for more complete listings and general information!The deadline for
both summaries and session proposals is June 1,1998.The paper
acceptance notifications will be sent by Aug.1 ,1998.Full length
papers can be reviewed for possible inclusion in various special
issues of INFORMATION SCIENCE JOURNAL,due Oct.28,1998.

Partial listing of typical topics:soft modeling of intelligent
& complex systems;performance measurements;definition of machine
intelligence;fuzzy constraint networks;world modeling & knowledge
bases;multiple spatial & temporal granularization;heuristic &
combinatorial search;learning adaptation & self-organization;logic
systems & inferences;long term & short term memory.sensors,transducers
& data fusion;computing with words;fault diagnosis of control
systems;hybrid control;chaos control;brain-like controllers;.....

Proposals & summaries submission and further information:

Professor Paul P.Wang
Box 90291,Duke University
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
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