Re: civil engineering applications (urgent)

Pedro Marquez (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 05:12:44 +0200 (MET DST)

> need help !
> I need example of applications of fuzzy logic to civil engineering and
> related topics!
> Examples, references and something else are welcome!!!

Applications of fuzzy set theory in civil engineering are
overviewed in:

"Fuzzy Systems in Civil Enginnering", in Gupta, M.M. and E. Sanchez,
Eds., Approximate Reaoning in Decision Processes, North-Holland, NY,
1982, 103-115.

"Potential Applications of Fuzzy Sets in Civil Engineering", Chameau,
J.L. and J.T.P. Yao, Intl. J. of Man-Machine Studies, 1983, 9-18.

Brown et al, in Analysis of Fuzzy Information, Bezdek, J.C, CRC Press,

"Systems framework for fussy sets in civil engineering", Fuzzy Sets and
Systems, 40(3), 491-508.

Proceedings of BSF Workshop on Civil Engineering Applications of Fuzzy
Sets, Brown, C.B., J.L. Chameau, R. palmer, J.T.P. Yao Eds., Purdue
Univ. West Lafayette, 1985.

The primary source is the journal: Civil Engineering Systems

Hope this helps,
-Pedro Marquez