penmetsa chandra (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 02:40:37 +0100 (MET)

>From owner-

Hi Yang

Sorry for being so late to reply. I happened to be out of station and
hence did not have the opportunity to reply back. As of your question on
how to frame the rules, u just have to go by placing yourself as the
driver of the car and thinking how u would have controlled it .

As of the FAM rules, given in the program , I ma sorry that I had not
added comments. The FAM rule table was taken from Bart Kosko's 'Neural
Networks and Fuzzy Systems'. The 0 in the FAM rule table corresponds to
the 1'st set in the output Fuzzy sets i.e. the wheel angle in this case
. the 1 to the second and so on. I have done this only to simplify the
program and nothing more. This FAM set can also be written in the
linguistic terms
when you use #define like #define zero 0 etc.

As of now I leave u here. If the description I have given is not of
much help, please let me know, I shall give u a complete description of
the program . If u need this , please send me the program I sent u as I
dont have the program with me now (I formatted my hard disk) and it will
save me the typing time (I am a slow typist u see).

Any more help needed - please let me know.


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