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Brief history of fuzziness:
1.The problem of vagueness/impreciseness is very old. A common problem
during the last 2500 years has been that the Greek and Latin terms pistin,
pithanos, probabilis, verisimilis etc. have been ambiguous. Hence,
uncertainty and vagueness have been confused.
2. Black has considered vagueness (not fuzziness) in which context he
applied a function called the consistency profile. If this function had a
fringe, the respective term was vague. Hempel suggested modifications to
this profile. Black was considering linguistic pragmatic vagueness, whereas
fuzzy systems usually deal with linguistic semantic vagueness. According to
Black, Russell confused vagueness and generality.
3. Other well-known modern considerations are Wittgenstein's principle of
family resemblance and Putnam's cluster concepts.
4. Fuzziness, as it is used within the fuzzy systems, is based on the
stipulative definition suggested by Lotfi Zadeh. Hence, it is a technical
term based on explication. Fuzzy systems, which Zadeh invented, mainly deal
with linguistic entities which are vague from the linguistic semantical
standpoint. In practice, terms the extensions of which have borderline
cases. To my knowledge, Zadeh draws a distinction between vagueness and
impreciseness, but that's another story.
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>Fuzzy Logic was created by Max Black in the 1930's. In his paper
>"Vagueness, an exercise in logical analysis" he cites Bertrand Russel,
>Albert Einstein and even Plato a basis for his ideas. See "Philosophy of
>Science" (1937) Vol. 4 pp. 427-455.
>> > I simply need some basic information about how fuzzy logic was invented
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