FQAS'98, Call for participation + accepted papers

Henning Christiansen (henning@ruc.dk)
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:48:21 +0100 (MET)


International Conference on
Flexible Query Answering Systems


13-15 May, 1998
Roskilde University, Denmark


Following the FQAS workshops in 1994 and 1996 we announce the
1998 International Conference on Flexible Qeery Answering Systems,
FQAS98, to take place at Roskilde University, Denmark, 13-15 May, 1998.

The conference provides a forum for discussing issues and current
research in logic, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, databases,
natural language and knowledge representation, related to enhancements
of inquiring or query-answering systems into intelligent/flexible systems.
As the amount of information available from local or distributed
information bases increases, so does the demand for advanced means
for accessing that information. In need are interfaces and system
functionality that appears both easy to use and flexible in answering
the users' needs, in other words systems with flexibility in both
querying and answering.

Invited talks

Jack Minker, University of Maryland:

An Overview of Cooperative Answering in Databases

Patrick Bosc, IRISA/ENSSAT, France:

On diverse answers issued from flexible queries

Amihai Motro, George Mason University:

Estimating the Quality of Databases and the Answers they Issue

Accepted papers

See http://www.dat.ruc.dk/fqas98/program

Program Committee

Amihai Motro ami@aviv.isse.gmu.edu
Amparo Vila vila@robinson.ugr.es
Bernadette Bouchon-Menuier bouchon@laforia.ibp.fr
Hendrik Decker hdecker@informatik.uni-muenchen.de
Didier Dubois dubois@irit.fr
Fosca Gianotti f.giannotti@cnuce.cnr.it
Henning Christiansen (Chair) henning@ruc.dk
Henri Prade Henri.Prade@irit.fr
Henrik Legind Larsen hll@ruc.dk
Janusz Kacprzyk kacprzyk@ibspan.waw.pl
Jonas Barklund jonas@csd.uu.se
Jose Nuno Oliveira jno@di.uminho.pt
Jorgen Fischer-Nilsson jfn@id.dtu.dk
Laurence Cholvy Laurence.Cholvy@cert.fr
Olga Pons opc@decsai.ugr.es
Olivier Pivert pivert@merlin.enssat.fr
Rita De Caluwe Rita.DeCaluwe@rug.ac.be
Robert Demolombe Robert.Demolombe@cert.fr
Ronald R. Yager Yager@Panix.Com
Troels Andreasen troels@ruc.dk

FQAS'98 Organizers

Troels Andreasen,
Henning Christiansen,
Henrik Legind Larsen,

- all of Roskilde University, Denmark.

FQAS'98 Sponsors

The International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems
1998 has kindly been sponsored by the following organizations:

STVF, The Danish Technical Research Council

PDC, Prolog Development Center

COMPULOG, Network of Excellence in Computational Logic


Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

E-mail: ______________

Conference fee, including lunches, coffee
Early registration (before April 18) DKK 1200 __________

Late registration (after April 18) DKK 1500 __________

Conference dinner Thursday: DKK 400 __________

Total amount DKK __________


Please return the above form by e-mail to fqas98@ruc.dk by April 18
if you wish to make use of the early registration fee.

Payments should be made in advance to the following account:


SW BIKUDKKK 1199 1-671-0334

Bank: Bikuben Girobank
Girostroget 1
DK-0800 Hoje Taastrup

Reg. no. 1199, account no. 1-671-0334.

**Please indicate "OUR charges" and attach the following
reference to the payment:**

FQAS98 fee for 'your name'

(so we avoid problems of identifying YOUR payment)


We kindly ask the participants to book directly at the hotels,
preferably before

** April 12 **.

Rooms are available at the following hotels; you must indicate
FQAS98 in order to get the reduced prices listed.

A pleasant hotel with its own special charm (*but only a few
rooms available*) situated in the main street of Roskilde.

Single room DKK 690
Double room DKK 810

The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the train station in
Roskilde and is easy to find.

Hotel Prindsen
Algade 13
DK-4000 Roskilde, DENMARK

Fax: +45 4635 8110 (remember to indicate FQAS98)
Tel: +45 4635 8010 (remember to indicate FQAS98)

HOTELGADEN ("The hotel street")
An association of hotels in the street of Helgolandsgade,
Copenhagen, 5 min. walk from Central Station + 22 min. by
train to Roskilde University. Reasonable prices, do. quality
and in the middle of everything.

Single room DKK 625
Double room DKK 800

Hotelgaden Bookingkontor
c/o Hotel Absalon
Helgolandsgade 15
1653 Koebenhavn V

Tel: +45 31 31 43 44 (remember to indicate FQAS98)
Fax: +45 31 31 62 48 (remember to indicate FQAS98)

(NB: Hotelgaden prefers a credit card no. + exp. date given
to confirm reservation).


Modern hotel located 10 minutes from Roskilde train station,
only few rooms, Friday/Saturday problematic.

Scandic Hotel Roskilde
Søndre Ringvej 33
DK-4000 Roskilde, DENMARK

Single room DKK 630
Double room DKK 830

Fax: +45 4632 0232 (remember to indicate FQAS98)
Tel: +45 4632 4632 (remember to indicate FQAS98)


These prices should also valid if you wish to stay some days before or after the conference.


For other hotels, see http://www.dkhotellist.dk/info.html

=========================================================== TRAVEL INFORMATION, MAPS ===========================================================

Roskilde University is easy to reach by train, and from Copenhagen airport which has daily connections to major cities all over the world.

Detailed information kept up to date at:


=========================================================== For more information contact ===========================================================

Consult http://www.dat.ruc.dk/fqas98


FQAS'98 Conference Chair Henning Christiansen Department of Computer Science Roskilde University, bldg. 20.1 P.O. Box 260, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 4674 2576 Fax: (+45) 4674 3072

E-mail: henning@ruc.dk