Re: ai philosophy...and conceptual/contextual filtering

Stan Rice (
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 15:39:18 +0100 (MET)

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Alex, Perhaps try a couple of these links...on conceptual filtering

Alex Thome wrote:
> I need a resource for some papers on ai philosophy, and on the turring
> test. I've done a few "net" searches, no luck. Please help.
> Also, I don't read these enw groups regularly, so please respond directly
> to me.
> Thanks,
> Alexander Thome
> --Believe nothing until you question everything--

AUTOSPEC THEMATICS: conceptual media filters. Design of pocket 
vocabularies for Internet, intranets, agents, research, 
Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Relevance in context. Stan Rice Email:

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>>FOR YOUR INTEREST IN CONTEXTUAL & CONCEPTUAL MEDIA FILTERING: "Thematic vocabularies" are keys to conceptual media access, to markets, etc. To pin-point Internet pages instantly, like those below, e.g. for fuzzy boolean search? HOTBOT: FUZzy BOOlean (sic)

------------------------------------------------------------ SOME LINKS TO EASY THEMATIC CONCEPTUAL FILTERING ------------------------------------------------------------ For a home page on Thematic principles, examples, and links: http:/

New materials on matching needs with resources, in education: http:/

For pointers to Thematic topics, new directions, and demos: http:/

On fuzzy and subjective filtering for marketing, and romance: http:/

On putting 'precoordinate' wines in 'postcoordinate' bottles: http:/

Book chapter one, on Thematic Retrievals and Context Filtering: http:/

On conceptual retrievals from visual files and collections: http:/

On keywords, thesauri, and 'minimum vocabularies': http:/

On complex correlations of medical symptoms and remedies: http:/

A method for some 2.5 million health care correlations: http:/

'Information as Metaphor'--and why a new paradigm is coming: http:/

On product-and-prospect profile matching, in book marketing: http:/

On filtering the files of a digital publishing news-group: http:/

Thoughts on 'pidgin training' using AltaVista: http:/

For bio information on yours truly, Whosis: http:/ ---------------------------------------------------------- If you care to share reactions, they are always gratefully received. Best wishes, Stan Rice ----------------------------------------------------------