CFP: Frontiers in Soft Decision Analysis

Robert Fuller (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 18:51:44 +0100 (MET)

Call for Papers

Frontiers in Soft Decision Analysis

Edited by Christer Carlsson and Robert Fuller

We have, with pleasure, accepted an invitation
by Prof Janusz Kacprzyk to edit a
volume on Soft Decision Analysis in the
Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing
series of Physica Verlag. We hereby want to
invite authors active in the field to
submit full-length papers to this edited volume.

Soft Decision Analysis has grown in importance
during recent years and the BISC
Special Interest Group on Soft Decision Analysis
was founded in 1997 (please
visit our Web site:
It appears, from
a number of papers, that several significant
contributions have been made to
fuzzy multiple criteria problem solving and
decision making in the last few years,
including fuzzy multiple criteria algorithms
and fuzzy multiple objective
programming. It has also become evident that
the use of fuzzy set theory has had
a decisive influence on the effectiveness of
the multiple criteria methods.

Classical decision analysis, on the other hand,
has not shown the same influence
from fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory.
It is plausible to assume that similar
benefits as those we have found in mcdm can
be found by introducing fuzzy logic
and fuzzy set theory as an axiomatic basis for
decision analysis. The edited book
on Frontiers in Soft Decision Analysis is
aimed at exploring the possibilities of
this approach to decision analysis.
Papers on the development of theoretical
foundations and algorithms, the development
and use of software, and experience
with applications of soft decision analysis are welcome.

We are especially looking for papers, which
would outline the state of the art of
the theoretical foundations of soft decision
analysis. We want papers, which show
in which sense fuzzy logic and fuzzy set
theory is beneficial for the development
of the theory and methods of decision
analysis, or which demonstrate that not
much can be gained from this approach.
And we are looking for papers, which
demonstrate the applicability and
usefulness of soft decision analysis.

Please send us extended abstracts
(around 1000 words) of your intended
contribution by March 30, 1998.
We are going to interact with you in order to
get a reasonably well structured issue,
which will both cover key contributions,
enough theoretical depth and good
applications to give a good overview of the
field. Full papers are due by June 30, 1998.
Please note that manuscripts should
be sent in triplicate and should be prepared
for publication in accordance with
"Instructions for Authors" in Fuzzy
Sets and Systems. All manuscripts will
undergo a normal refereeing process.

Papers for the Frontiers in Soft Decision Analysis
should be sent to:

Professor Christer Carlsson
Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research
Abo Akademi University [fax +358-2-2519912;

The Frontiers in Soft Decision Analysis is an
activity of the Special Interest
Group on Decision Analysis, the
Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing.

January 24, 1998

Christer Carlsson and Robert Fuller (Editors)