tosh munakata (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 18:36:38 +0100 (MET)


I do not support Lotfi's recent suggestion that the labels
"Intelligent Systems," "Information Systems" and "Intelligent
Information Systems" be replaced by Information/Intelligent

The commonly accepted concept of the term "Information Systems" may
be that it is one of the major computer related disciplines based
on their primary interests and application domains. There are at
least three such major disciplines: "Computer Engineering,"
"Computer Science," and "Information Systems." As ACM/IEEE
prototype curricula suggest, "Information Systems" refers to a less
technical, more application oriented, often business flavored

On the other hand, a common perception of "Intelligent Systems"
would be that it is one of the major computer based techniques.
Other techniques include databases, software engineering, and so
on. Taking the union of the two terms, "Intelligent Systems" and
"Information Systems," does not make much sense to me. I think
they should be left as they are.

Incidentally, as I wrote in the Guest Editor's introductions in the
CACM AI Special Issues (March 1994 and November 1995), I think the
term "intelligent" is misleading. The current state of
"Intelligent Systems" or "Artificial Intelligence" is not a
realization of human intelligence. The current state of the field
is still best characterized as advanced computing. However, once
a term is widely accepted, it is hard to change. We recall that
the movement (during the 1980s?) to change the name of the
Association of Computing Machinery, since "Machinery" is no longer
dominant, was voted down.

Needless to say, this letter is a matter of opinion and I do not
intend to continue arguments and counter-arguments of this matter,
nor is this a personal attack.

Tosh Munakata