FLINS'98 preliminary program and call for participants

Ruan Da (druan@sckcen.be)
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 17:24:21 +0100 (MET)

FLINS'98 preliminary program (updated information and conference
registration materials at: http://www.sckcen.be/conferences/flins_98.html)

FLINS'98 - Third International FLINS Workshop on Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent
Technologies for Nuclear Science and Industry

September 14-16, 1998
The Astrid Park Plaza Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium.

Workshop organization: the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK.CEN), Mol
co-sponsored by: Tractebel Energy Engineering (Brussels), NIRAS/ONDRAF
(Brussels), OMRON Electronics NV (Groot-Bijgaarden), FBFC International
(Dessel), Ghent University (Gent), Belgium

Keynote speakers (in alphabetical order)

Prof Gupta M.M. (Saskatchewan, Canada), Fuzzy-Neural Computing Systems:
Recent Developments and Future Directions

Prof Kacprzyk J. (Polish Academy of Science, Poland), Optimal Fuzzy Control
and Engineering Applications

Prof Kerre E.E. (Ghent University, Belgium), On the Links between Different
Models of Uncertainty

Prof van der Wal A.J. (TNO-Physics and Electronics Laboratory, the
Netherlands), The Importance of Soft-Computing Methods in Military
Observation Systems

Prof Yager R.R. (Iona College, USA), Intelligent Decision Support: Some Tips
for Nuclear Engineers

Prof Zadeh L.A. (Berkeley, USA), Information Granulation and its Centrality
in Human and Machine Intelligence

Prof Zimmermann H.-J. (Aachen, Germany), Computational Intelligence and
Nuclear Engineering

Presentation sessions (selected and accepted)

Risk Analysis and Safety Assessment
Session chairs: Prof Huang C.F. (China) and Dr Van de Walle B. (Belgium)

Risk Analysis in Distributed Databases Using Evidence Theory
D. Cai, M.F. McTear, S.I. McClean (UK)

The Use of Bayesian Belief Nets in Safety Assessment of Software Based Systems
G. Dahll, B.A. Gran (Norway)

The Calibration of the Normal Information Diffusion Model and its
Application in Risk Assessment of Natural Disaster
Y. Leung (Hong Kong-China), Huang Chongfu (China)

Rough Discovery for Nuclear Safety
J.W. Guan, D.A. Bell (UK)

Nuclear Energy and Safety Assessment
C. Kahraman (Turkey)

The Fuzzy Expert System of Loess Landslide Prevention
Wang Jiading , Huang Chongfu (China)

Natural Disaster Risk Estimation of Hunan Province by Fuzzy Mathematical Method
Huang Chongfu, Liu Xinli (China)

Fuzzy Modeling and Nonlinear Complex Systems
Session chairs: Dr Zeng X. (France) and Dr Nissan E. (UK)

Fuzzy Rule-Based Modeling of a Class of Nonlinear Complex Systems
S. Vassileva (Bulgaria)

Fuzzy Controller Structure Transformation
N. Chaker, A. Fenske, M. Wagenknecht, R. Hampel (Germany)

Fuzzy Modeling and System Identification
J.J. Espinosa, J. Vandewalle (Belgium)

Estimating Fractal Dimension Using Fuzzy Model
X. Zeng, L. Koehl, C. Vasseur (France)

Fuzzy Logic Applications
Session chairs: Prof Hampel R (Germany) and Dr Fantoni P.F. (Norway)

Improvement the Robustness of Model-Based Measuring Methods using Fuzzy Logic
W. Kästner, A. Fenske, R. Hampel (Germany)

Data Classification Based on Subtractive and Gravity Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
Young-Goun Jin, Tae-Gyun Kim (Korea)

Comparative Study of Fuzzy Control, PID Control, and Advanced Fuzzy Control
for Simulating a Nuclear Reactor Operation
X. Li, D. Ruan (Belgium)

Predictive Control Using Fuzzy Models Applied to a Steam Generating Unit
J.J. Espinosa, J. Vandewalle (Belgium)

Soft Computing and Industrial Applications
Session chairs: Prof van der Wal A.J. (Netherlands) and Dr Nowé A. (Belgium)

The Method of Nets with Moving Knots for Solving the Problems with Phase
A. Solovjev, V.B. Naumov (Russia)

Fusion Measure by Morphogenetic Neurone and Physical Model of Belief and
Plausible Measure
G. Resconi (Italy), A.J. van der Wal (Netherlands)

Possibilistic Decision Making in Sensor Systems
A. Huizing, F. Groen (Netherlands)

A Comparison of Advanced Techniques for Monitoring the Condition of Machinery
Hans L.M.M. Maas, Peter-Paul Meiler, H.T. Grimmelius (Netherlands)

Two Approaches to Resource Management of Weapon Systems on Naval Ships
Hans L.M.M. Maas, H. Arciszewski (Netherlands)

A Proposal for an Adaptive Information Filtering and Control Concept
Hans L.M.M. Maas, Peter-Paul Meiler (Netherlands)

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Applications
Session chairs: Prof Resconi G. (Italy) and Dr Li X. (Belgium)

Neural Networks based Congestion Control for Cellular Communication
R. Govil, A. Roy (India)

On Analog Implementation of Discrete Neural Networks
V. Beiu, K.R. Moore (USA)

Genetic Algorithms in Fire Control
N.M. de Reus (Netherlands)

Genetic Algorithms in Dynamical Systems Optimization and Adaptation
N.M. de Reus (Netherlands)

Underwater Target Localization and Estimation of Ocean Environmental
Parameters Using a Genetic Algorithm
M. Snellen, D.G. Simons (Netherlands)

Robotics and Fuzzy Technique Related Applications
Session chairs: Dr Zhang J. (Germany) and Dr Zhou C.J. (Singapore)

Fuzzy Logic, Sensor Glove for Robot Assembly Operations Programming
V.B. Naumov (Russia)

Comprehensive Fuzzy Control of Systems with Complex Sensor Patterns
J. Zhang, V. Schwert (Germany)

Integration of Linguistic and Numerical Information for Dynamical Biped
Changjiu Zhou (Singapore), Da Ruan (Belgium)

Discussions on the Concept and Applications of Robotics (to be announced)

Nuclear Robotics Applications
Session chairs: Prof Kim S (Korea) and Prof Solovjev A. (Russia)

Position and Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulator Using Fuzzy Logic
S. Kim, H. Wug Park, Y. Pil Park (Korea)

Stroke Based Gesture Recognition Using Polhemus Sensors for Remote Work
S.-II Chien, S.W. Nam, N.H. Lee, Y.B. Lee (Korea)

A Neural Algorithm for Moving Control of Mobile Robots in an Office Hall
B.S. Moon, Y.B. Lee (Korea)

A Robot Endeffector Tracking System Based on Feedforward Neural Network
S. Baek, D.S. Park, J. Cho, Y-B. Lee (Korea)

The Challenge of Nuclear Robotics
M. Decreton, J. De Geeter, E. Colon (Belgium)

Knowledge Evaluation in Decision Support Models
Session chairs: Dr Tocatlidou A. (Greece) and Dr De Baets B. (Belgium)

Knowledge Management - A Strategic Tool for the Deregulated Utility Market Place
Mel Jones (USA)

Towards a Descriptive Evaluation of Aggregation Models Within the Framework
of Fuzzy Decision Support Systems
A. Tocatlidou (Greece)

Application of a Modified OWA Operator on a Designer Decision Support System
J. Darzentas, Ch. Tsagaris (Greece)

Stability of Fuzzy Decision Trees when Classifying Evaluating Observations
Christophe Marsala (France)

Evidential Reasoning and Generalized Graphical Models
A. Slobodova (Slovakia)

Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Logic Foundations
Session chairs: Prof Montero J. (Spain) and Dr De Cooman G. (Belgium)

Uninorms: the Known Classes
B. De Baets (Belgium)

Classification and Fuzzy Partitions
A. del Amo, J. Montero (Spain), V. Cutello (Italy)

The Dizzy Number of Fuzzy Implication Operators on Finite Chains
M. Nachtegael, E.E. Kerre (Belgium)

General Reliability Theory on the Basis of Upper and Lower Previsions
Lev V. Utkin (Russia)

Fuzzy Typical Values and Sets Defined from Statistical Data
V. Cutello (Italy), R.R. Yager (USA)

Some Remarks on Stationary Possibilistic Processes
H. Janssen, G. De Cooman, E.E. Kerre (Belgium)

Defuzzification: Methods and Properties
W. Van Leekwijck, E.E. Kerre (Belgium)

L-Valued First-Order Logic Lvfl
Xu Yang, Qing Keyun, Liu Jun, Song Zhenming (China)

Topological Structure on Lattice Implication Algebra
Song Zhenming, Xu Yang (China)

Resolution-Like Procedures of Lattice-Valued Logic Based on Lattice
Implication Algebra
Liu Jun, Xu Yang (China)

Four Valued Prepositional Logic System FL
Qing Keyun, Xu Yang (China)

Intelligent Systems to Nuclear Reactor and NPPs Applications
Session chairs: Dr Moon B.S. (Korea) and Dr Aït Abderrahim H. (Belgium)

Triga Mark-II Reactor Controller Design Using Genetic Algorithm
K. Erkan, B. Can, M. Inal (Turkey)

Fuel Reload Pattern Design Within a Family of Hybrid Architectures
E. Nissan, A. Soper, J. Zhao, B. Knight, M. Petridis (UK)

A Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Fine Tuning of the Reactor NUR Power Level
F. Adda, M. Allek, C. Larbes (Algeria)

An Small Scale Simulator of the Pressurizer with Expert System
L.L.E. Hardy, E. More Polanco (Cuba)

Development of Plant Surveillance and Operation Systems at the OECD Halden
Reactor Project
T.J. Bjorlo, O. Berg (Norway)

FAME - a Tool for Function Allocation in NPP Control Rooms
T.S. Brendeford, A. Bye, E. Hollnagel (Norway), M. Hoffmann (Netherlands)

A Neuro-Fuzzy Model Applied to Full Range Signal Validation of PWR Nuclear
Power Plant Data
P.F. Fantoni (Norway), S. Figedy (Slovach), A. Racz (Hungary), B. Papin (France)

Aladdin : A Neural Classifier of Fast Transients for Alarm Filtering in
Nuclear Power Plants
D. Ravide, P.F. Fantoni (Norway)

Safety Design and Experiments of Fuzzy Control for BR1 Reactor
X. Li, D. Ruan (Belgium)

Intelligent Systems to Nuclear Measurements, Safeguards, and Waste Management
Session chairs: Prof Nishiwaki Y. (Austria) and Dr Zardecki A. (USA)

Determination of Funding Requirements in Radioactive Waste Management
Projects Using Fuzzy Reasoning
P.L. Kunsch, A. Ajdler (Belgium)

Contribution of Neural Networks to Nuclear Measurements
V. Pilato, F. Tola, J.-M. Martinez, M. Huver (France)

A Fuzzy Clustering Application To Land Use Classification In Satellite Images
J. Benedikt, Y. Nishiwaki (Austria)

On-line Integration of Camera and Radiation Data Using Neural Network
Y.S. Park, H.D. Kim, J. H. Choi, J.S. Hong, H.S. Park (Korea)

Practical Inconsistency Management for Critical-Tasks Decision-Support Systems
L. Saïs, E. Grégoire (France)

Continued Fractions: Yet Another Tool to Overcome the Curse of Dimensionality
A. Zardecki (USA)

Prospects of Application of Decision Making Aids for Safeguards
A. Fattah (Austria)

A Conceptual Model for an Intelligent System for Monitoring and
Analysis of Peaceful Nuclear Activities
A. Ryjov, A. Belenki (Russia)

FLINS’98 proceedings will be available at the conference (note to authors:
each paper has 6-8 pages in length, Instructions for producing a
camera-ready manuscript downloadable at
http://www.wspc.demon.co.uk/Styles/procs/procsread1st.html and send two
copies of the final manuscript to the FLINS’98 Chair prior to April 15,
1998. Papers received after this date will be risking their exclusion from
the proceedings.)

Two special issues of selected papers from FLINS’98 will be organized
shortly after the conference:
(1) Intelligent Information Systems at FLINS’98, the special issue of Int.
J. of General Systems
(2) Robotics Applications at FLINS’98, the special issue of Int. J. of
Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Authors who are interested in the above-mentioned special issues should also
submit or bring three copies of their full papers (about 15-20 pages) to the
FLINS’98 Chair prior to September 30, 1998. A normal referee procedure will
take place for the papers of the special issues.

Da Ruan, PhD, Dr h.c.
FLINS'98 Chair
FLINS - Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear Science
Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK.CEN)
Boeretang 200, B-2400 Mol, Belgium
phone: (+32-14) 33 22 72, or: (+32-14) 33 22 07 (secretary)
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