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Fri, 6 Mar 1998 16:56:45 +0100 (MET)

Oscar Keeper stock of Boeing and I are arranging a Special Track of four
Sessions on Soft Computing for the above meeting. We have planned the
Sessions below. INFORMS is the acronym for the INSTITUTE FOR OPERATIONS
RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, a marriage between the Operations Research
Society of America and the Institute of Management Sciences. This body of
scientists drawn primarily from management science, operations research,
computer & information sciences, and various engineering professions, deals
with problems that benefit from the tools of uncertainty modeling including
fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and the whole area that
Lotfi has dubbed intelli-information systems. The contents of your paper
may be combinations or any of the newer non conventional approaches.

You are invited to contribute an abstract of NO MORE THAN FIFTY WORDS for
presentation at one of the sessions below. PLEASE E-mail ME AND SPECIFY
WHICH SESSION that you wish your paper to be presented at. Please note that
INFORMS does not require a formal written paper. Your submission which
must include the names and affiliation(s) of the author(s), e-mail
address(es), telephone and FAX numbers must reach me no later than March
15. Authors of selected abstracts will be notified no later than March 16.

INFORMS SEATTLE '98 will take place in Seattle from Sunday October 25, 1998
to Wednesday October 28, 1998. The Sessions are:

1. Computational Intelligence in Management Science and Operations
Research(Augustine O. Esogbue, Chair; Pamela McCauley-Bell, Co-Chair)

2. Manufacturing Applications of Soft Computing( Judy Vance, Chair)

3. Multi-Attribute Decision Making( Mike Smith, Chair)

4. Soft Computing in Diagnosis(Oscar Kipersztock , Chair; Mihaela Ulieru,

If you just want some general information on the meeting, you can check
out the temporary home page on the web at

The full web page is also nearing completion and should go public in the
next week or so at the same URL. It should then have a link to the full
CfP as well.

If it is information about INFORMS in general that you want, their web
page is at:

There, you can also follow the link to the upcoming conference in Montreal
in April.(26-29)at the Queen Elizabeth This will give you a taste of what
these meetings are like.

Please let me hear from your right away. Thanks.

Augustine O. Esogbue, Ph. D.
Co-Chair, INFORMS Seattle'98 Track on Fuzzy/Intellisystems

Please note new E-Mail address:

Augustine O. Esogbue
Professor and Director
Intelligent Systems & Controls Laboratory
School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0205
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