EUROFUSE - Call for Membership

Bernard De Baets (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 20:00:11 +0100 (MET)


EURO Working Group on Fuzzy Sets



We are proud to announce the rebirth of the EURO Working Group
(EWG) on Fuzzy Sets, named EUROFUSE from now on!

After some years of little activity of this EWG, especially in
comparison with other EWG's, there were two choices for the EURO
Executive Committee (EURO EC): either to reactivate it or to
decide about its dissolution. When we were approached by EURO
officials asking us to take over the coordination of this EWG,
we were glad and honoured to accept it.

Next, we want to summarize the history, and set up some ideas about
the future activities and plans of EUROFUSE.


Ever since the inception of EURO (The Association of European
Operational Research Societies) (see,
it has provided an organisational framework for EURO Working
Groups (EWG). As declared by the EURO Council, the main purpose of
the EWG's is to encourage communication and research between
small groups of members specializing in particular topics.
The cornerstone for both EURO and its working groups was
laid at the First EURO Conference (1975), and the EWG on Fuzzy Sets
(together with three other EWG's) was set up at the same time.


Although fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory cover much wider
subjects than operational research itself, it has nevertheless
several important connections with OR (for instance, in the
fields of mathematical programming, preference modelling and its
applications in multicriteria decision aid, representation and
exploitation of non-stochastic types of uncertainty, etc). The
purpose of EUROFUSE is to communicate and to promote
knowledge of the theory of fuzzy sets and related areas and
their applications.

It is a general principle of EURO that EWG's should bring
together people with different backgrounds (like industry,
university, etc) who are interested in the same OR topic in
order to exchange ideas, experiences and research results.
EWG's are free in planning special activities in accordance
with the Charter for EWG's.

Since this is a rebirth of the EWG on Fuzzy Sets, we have a lot
to do before deciding about real activities. First of all, we
would like to encourage individuals, independent of their previous
membership, who are active or interested in any OR-related topic
to sign up as member of EUROFUSE. Although EWG's are open to any
individual, and there is no membership fee, coordinators should
recommend the members of their EWG to become member of their
national OR society if there exists one (for a list, see the
EURO home page). Membership will be revised regularly.

After having an updated membership list, the first meeting of
the reactivated group will be held during the EURO 16 Conference
in Brussels (July 12-15, 1998) (see


Here is a tentative list of possible actions we could take. Each
of these actions is up to us, as well as including others. The order
does not indicate importance:

o to start a newsletter (this can be electronical)
o to organize sessions at conferences
o to organize regular meetings in different host countries
o to publish selected papers of such meetings as an edited volume
o to decide upon the channel for communication in between
newsletters: fuzzy mailing list or an own mailing list
o to publish special issues of OR-related journals
o to start a series of working papers (technical notes)
o to cooperate with other EWG's (like the EWG on
Multicriteria Aid for Decisions) in different forms
o to design a home page and install a web server

There will be invited sessions at the EURO 16 Conference in
Brussels, and also at the Seventh IPMU Conference in Paris
(July 6-10, 1998) (see,
which are mentioned to be organized and supported by EUROFUSE.
This is the first activity after the rebirth!


EUROFUSE is, in fact, one of the few EWG with two coordinators,
expressing the desire to have a representation from both Western
and Eastern Europe. You can contact either of us concerning
membership, proposal for activities, etc.

Dr. Bernard DE BAETS
University of Gent (FSR - Flanders)
Applied Mathematics and Computer Sc.
Krijgslaan 281 (S9), B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel: +32-9-264 49 08 Fax: +32-9-264 49 95

Prof. Dr. J\'anos FODOR
University of Agricultural Sciences (GATE)
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sc.
Department of Mathematics
P\'ater K\'aroly u. 1., H-2103 G\"od\"oll\H o, Hungary
Tel: +36-28-410-686 Fax: +36-28-410-804


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