Software Announcement
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 18:57:11 +0100 (MET)

Meridian Marketing Group of Sedona, AZ, marketing scientific, engineering, and
Internet-Enabled software via Electronic Commerce, announces a Series of FREE
E-Mail Newsletters on high-technology software topics.

Below is a list of the topics discussed in the Newsletter Series:

Multiprocessing Neural Networks/Fuzzy Logic/Fuzzy Control
Business Process Reengineering Discrete/Continuous Event Simulation
Statistical Analysis Architectural/Industrial/Mechanical CAD/FEA
Internet/Intranet Technology ERP/JIT/Manufacturing Software
Project Management Object-Oriented CASE Tools
Graphical Application Interfaces Virtual Reality
Software Testing Data Warehousing/Data Mining
Internet Conferencing Geographic Information Systems

To receive more information on the above technology categories, send any E-Mail
to; this will return a listing of the News-
letters and instructions on how to receive sample copies and free E-Mail sub-

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products, presented with pleasing professional graphics. We can be reached di-
rectly at (520) 282-6300 or at

Please include a telephone number and product(s) of interest with any e-mail.