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The 1998 International Conference on
Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion
July 6-9, 1998
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sponsored by
National Science Foundation
Office of Naval Research of the US Navy
US Army Research Office

in cooperation with
IEEE Signal Processing Society
University of Georgia
Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech
National Supercomputing Center for Energy & Environment

The first International Conference on Sensor Information Fusion (FUSION'98)
will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 6 - 9, 1998, concurrently
with the 1998 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems
and Technology (CISST'98). All aspects of sensor data fusion techniques
and systems are included in FUSION'98. The official FUSION'98 web site is

For efficient communication, most FUSION'98 correspondence are by email.
Please frequently visit FUSION web site for updated information on the
conference, new technical sessions and new committee members. You can also
use the site to communicate with the conference chairs, committee members
and Web Master (Publicity Chairman), or to register in the mailing list.
You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 5 pages and/or a
proposal to organize a technical session (see below for submission
information). All accepted papers will be published in the conference
proceedings. Keynote speeches and plenary talks will be offered by
internationally known researchers.

(publicity, paper collection/review,...) WILL BE LISTED AS ASSOCIATE

SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
O Sensor data acquisition and testing techniques
O Sensor technologies (radar, optical, IF, Video, GPS, ...)
O Multisensor fusion in airport security inspection
O Fast Data Association methods
O GPS devices and technologies
O Image-based fusion techniques (video, IR, RF, X-ray, acoustic...)
O Fusion-based pattern recognition and machine intelligence
O Sensor fusion in GPS-based navigation, positioning, guidance
O Algorithms for track initiation and termination
O Multiple target tracking for military use (unclassified)
O Air traffic control and aircraft diagnostic systems
O Target and object identification techniques
O Autonomous robot and controls (guidance, path planning, ...)
O Classification using Bayesian probability methods
O Fuzzy logic and expert systems methods
O Neural networks and genetic algorithms
O Stochastic methods
O Sensor fusion in factory automation and home automation
O Applications (medicine, telecom, automotive, intelligent
highways, ...)
O Algorithms and architectures for digital & radar
signal processing
O Dynamical system controls and Kalman Filter method
O Software and hardware implementation and integration
O Location detection and acoustic array signal processing
O Information fusion in business management and finance
O Biometric sensor fusion and fingerprint recognition
O Techniques for weather-climate monitoring & Forecasting
O Fusion-based document image processing techniques
O Techniques for knowledge discovery and data mining
O Other aspects and applications relating to data fusion
Prospective authors are invited to submit three copies of their
draft paper (4 to 5 pages) to H. R. Arabnia (address is given
below) by the due date. E-mail and Fax submissions are also
acceptable. The length of the Camera-Ready manuscript (if accepted)
will be limited to 8 pages. Papers must not have been
previously published or currently submitted for publication
elsewhere. (All submitted papers must be unclassified.)
The first page of the draft paper should include: title of the
paper, name, affiliation, postal address, E-mail address,
telephone number, and Fax number for each author. The first
page should also identify the author who will be presenting
the paper (if accepted) and a maximum of 5 keywords.

Each technical session will have 5/6 paper presentations.
The session chairs will be responsible in selecting the papers
for their own sessions. The names of session chairs will appear
as Associate Editors in the conference proceedings.
Proposals to organize technical sessions should include the
following information: name and address (+ E-mail) of proposer,
title of session, a 100-word description of the topic of the
session, and how you plan to advertise the session and select
papers for the proposed session - E-mail submissions are
preferred. Mail your proposal to:
Dr. Dongping (Daniel) Zhu
Zaptron Sytems, Inc.
520 Weddell Drive, Suite 11
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2120, USA
Tel: (408) 732-7779
Fax: (408) 490-2729

Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance,
clarity, and soundness. Each paper will be refereed by two
researchers in the topical area. The Camera-Ready papers
will be reviewed by one person.

The conference proceedings will be published by CSREA Press
(ISBN). The proceedings will be available at the conference.
It is planned to select some papers for journal publication in
related journals (after the conference).

A number of researchers in cooperation with the Monte Carlo
Hotel (conference division) will be organizing the conference.
The conference is sponsored by the Computer Science Research,
Education and Applications Tech (CSREA) in cooperation with
the Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech (CVRA),
The National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the
Environment (USA), developers of related systems/machines
(pending) and related associations (pending).

The conference will be held in the Monte Carlo Resort and
Casino hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is a new hotel
with excellent conference facilities and over 3000 rooms.
The hotel is minutes from the Las Vegas airport with free
shuttles to and from the airport.
The hotel has many vacation and recreational attractions,
including: casino, waterfalls, spa, kiddie pools, sunning
decks, Easy River water ride, wave pool with cascades,
lighted tennis courts, health spa (with workout equipment,
whirlpool, sauna, ...), arcade virtual reality game rooms,
nightly shows, snack bars, a number of restaurants, shopping
area, ... Many of these attractions are open 24 hours a day
and most are suitable for families and children.
The hotel's room rate is very reasonable ($79 + tax) per
night for the duration of the conference.
The hotel is minutes from other Las Vegas attractions (major
shopping areas, recreational destinations, fine dining and
night clubs, free street shows, ...).
For the benefit of our international colleagues: the state of
Nevada neighbors with the states of California, Oregon, Idaho,
Utah, and Arizona. Las Vegas is only a few driving hours away
from other major cities, including: Los Angeles, San Diego,
Phoenix, ...

An exhibition is planned during the conference. We have reserved
20+ exhibit spaces for FUSION'98 and CISST'98. Interested parties
should contact H. R. Arabnia (address is given below).
All exhibitors will be considered to be the co-sponsors of
the conference. Each exhibitor will have the opportunity to
include a two-page description of their latest products in the
conference proceedings (if submitted by May 22, 1998).

February 20, 1998 (Friday): Draft papers (5-page) due
April 3, 1998 (Friday): Notification of acceptance
May 22, 1998 (Friday): Camera-Ready papers & Preregistration due
July 6 - 9, 1998: FUSION'98 Conference
Proposals to organize technical sessions should be submitted as
soon as possible (well ahead of the February 20 deadline) to
D. Zhu (address given above).
All accepted papers are expected to be presented at the conference.

Honorary Chairman:
Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh
Director of Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)
University of California at Berleley

Dr. Dongping (Daniel) Zhu
Zaptron, Inc.
520 Weddell Drive, Suite 11
Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA
Tel: (408) 732-7779 Fax: (408)490-2729

Dr. Rabinder Madan
Office of Naval Research
Arlington, VA, USA

VICE CHAIR (Conference Organization):
Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia
The University of Georgia
Department of Computer Science
415 Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7404, USA
Tel: (706) 542-3480 Fax: (706) 542-2966

Steering Committee Chairman
Dr. X. Rong Li
University of New Orleans, USA

Michael Falco, Northrup Grumman, Melbourne, FL, USA;

Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, AL, USA;
P. O. Box 5500 Huntsville, AL. 35814-5500
Tel: (205) 922-9230x355, Fax:(205) 922-9260
E-mail: and

PROGRAM COMMITTEE (as of Oct 30, 1997):
L. Abbott, Virginia Polytechnical Institute & State University,
R. Aktura, Loral Space & Communications Corp, San Jose, CA,USA;
H. R. Arabnia, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA;
Abdel-Azim Assi, Dept. of Pharmacology, Assiut University,Assiut,
P. Bessiere, CNRS, Laboratoire Leibniz, France;
S. Chueng, FAA Technical Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA;
R. Conners, Virginia Polytech, Blacksburg, VA, USA
B. Dasarathy, Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, AL, USA;
T. Drayer, US Department of Defense, Pentagon, VA, USA;
R. M. Dyer, US Air Force Phillips Lab, Hanscom AFB, MA, USA;
E. Gonen, Loral Globalstar, LP, San Jose, CA, USA;
C. Harris, University of Southampton, UK;
X. W. He, Center for Microelectronics, Dalian University of Technology,
P. R. China;
D. S. Huang, Beijing Institute of Systems Engineering, P. R. China;
Z. L. Jing, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian, P. R. China;
D. J. Kewley, Scientific Technical Organiztion of the Defense
Department, Australia;
R. Kkanna, MITRE Corporation, Reston, VA, USA;
H. Pan, Cooperative Research Centre for Sensor Signal and
Information Processing, Adelaide, Australia;
R. Pieper, Navy Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA;
X. Rong, Li, University of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA;
E. Ruspini, Stanford Research Institute International,CA, USA;
J. Qian, Seimens Corporate Research Center, Princeton, NJ, USA;
D. Schmoldt, US Forest Service, Madison, WI, USA;
H. Stern, Ben Guriion University of the Negev, Israel;
Z. Wang, Business School, Dalian University of Technology,
P. R. China;
L. Webster, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houton, TX, USA;
J. Williams, Lockheed Martin Advanced Tech Lab, Camden, NJ, USA;
Y. Zhao, Motorola Corporate Research, Schumberg, IL, USA;
D. Zhu, Zaptron Systems, Inc, Sunnyvale, USA;