Algorithm for fuzzy "OR" calculations?
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 14:02:40 +0100 (MET)

Does anyone have an algorithm for calculating a fuzzy 'OR' on x number of
values, given the formula X OR Y = x+y-xy (as opposed to the more standard
fuzzy definition of X OR Y = max(x,y).

As an example, a OR b OR c can be calculated given the idea that <a OR b OR
c> is like <<a OR b> OR c>, ie:

"(a + b -ab) + c -(a + b -ab)c"
"a + b + c -ab -bc -ac +abc"

The tricky part is that I need this to work for any number of values, not
just two or three. I am actually planning to use this in a Delphi
application, but examples in C would be fine.

[ bryce ]

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