Research Fellow Position Available
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 15:00:27 +0100 (MET)

A Research Fellow position is available in the Centre for
Graphics and Imaging Technology, Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore.

Potential candidates should have interest in one of the
following topics :

1. Kinematics, Dynamics and Control of Articulated Characters.
2. Modeling and Rendering of Natural Phenomena.
2. Animal Locomotion and Mechanics for Computer Animation.
3. Special Effects.
4. Applications of Machine Intelligence to Computer Graphics.

Further information regarding the terms of this programme
will be given upon consideration.


Applicants should submit a comprehensive CV via Email or FAX,
giving details of their research interests, qualifications and
experience to :

( Please kindly note that my surname is WONG )

Dr. WONG Kok Cheong
Nanyang Technological University,
Centre for Graphics and Imaging Technology,
c/o School of Applied Science,
Blk N4, #2A-36,
Nanyang Avenue,
Singapore 639798.
Republic of Singapore

Tel : (065) 799 1162
Fax : (065) 792 4117
Email :