Available: Predictive Software Developer, NJ or Telecommute

Kevin B Kern (kern@injersey.com)
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 18:58:11 +0100 (MET)

Neural/AI Software Developer seeking new employer who wants
to build extraordinary applications. I am experienced in
applying adaptive new technologies to the solution of practical
problems, in corporate and academic R&D settings. PC/Unix C++.

Predictive toolbox: neural networks of various kinds,
fuzzy logic, functional optimizers (from simplex through
several flavors of genetic algorithms), OOP, and more
traditional AI, mathematical, and statistical tools.
US patent 5,410,637 awarded for an innovative use of fuzzy
logic. Original generalized optimizers for various problem

Classification toolbox: Expert systems, statistical pattern
recognition, rule-based machine learning. These tools are
appropriate for data mining.

Sound interesting? Please get in touch.

Kevin B Kern kern@injersey.com