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Sat, 31 Jan 1998 21:26:07 +0100 (MET)

OR 98
International Conference on Operations Research
(Common Conference of DGOR, GMÖOR, ÖGOR, SVOR)
ETH Zürich
31. August - 3. September 1998

Section 10: Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks
Chairpersons: Heinrich Rommelfanger, Brigitte Werners

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts is extended to
January 31st, 1998

Authors wishing to contribute papers are requested to submit
a) the author/s full name/s, affiliation/s and address/es
(including e-mail)
b) an extended abstract of two pages (indicating intended section)
The extended abstract should be submitted
either as hardcopy (4 copies)
or e-mail as ASCII/TeX/LaTeX-fil to
Institut für Operations Research
Universität Zürich
OR 98
Moussonstrasse 15
CH-8044 Zürich
e-mail: kall@ior.unizh.ch

For more information , contact www.or98.ethz.ch

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