April Fuzzy Logic Events

Robbie Valentine (robbie@unicom.co.uk)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 19:41:01 +0100 (MET)

In April 1988 UNICOM Seminars will be running a series of events on Business
Intelligence and Soft Computing in London. Below is an outline of the Fuzzy
Logic events in the series.


28 April
'Constraint Satisfaction and Fuzzy Logic Applications to Scheduling'
Scheduling in all industry areas is set to reap the benefits of new
developments in novel technologies such as Constraint Satisfaction and Fuzzy
Logic. Fuzzy Logic or approximate reasoning is a soundly based mathematical
theorem which enables a computer to emulate human reasoning. In a
conventional computer algorithm, it is virtually impossible to define
flexible rules covering every combination of events. Fuzzy Logic together
with constraint satisfaction systems makes this feat more potentially
achievable. Representatives from transportation, manufacturing and other
industries will describe their experiences and the benefits obtained.
Speakers include: Bill Edisbury, Npower; Colin Windsor, UKAEA


29 April
'Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing in Commerce'
Fuzzy Logic is a powerful method for decision making with encapsulates
common-sense judgements vital to the successful operation of modern
business; fuzzy logic simplifies decision making by considering all
alternatives and advising best possible answers. The advantages of Fuzzy
Logic and Soft Computing are now becoming established in the commercial
domain as well as in manufacturing and other industries. Applications in
areas such as Credit Risk evaluation, Marketing and Finance are among those
discussed and illustrated by case studies from business users.
Speakers include: Lotfi Zadeh, UCB; Bill Edisbury, Npower; Ian Lang, Higher
Level Systems Ltd; Jim Baldwin, University of Bristol


Fuzzy Logic and Hybrid Systems Tutorial
Fuzzy logic allows a computer use to specify problems in a natural way,
using linguistic variables ("large", "small", "medium large" etc.) and to
provide decision support based on the expert knowledge which can be
captured. Fuzzy logic enables the user to program in words rather than
numbers, simplifying decision making by considering all alternatives and
advising the best possible answer. Fuzzy logic is a well established
technique in control engineering, as exemplified by its common use in
washing machine controllers, laser printers, cameras etc. The use of fuzzy
logic in financial services and process control engineering is new and
powerful, and builds on a proven engineering base. This tutorial will show
how fuzzy logic and other AI technologies fit together and can be used to
solve business problems in almost any domain.
Presented by:
Lotfi Zadeh, UCB; Bill Edisbury, Npower; Ute Schyns, Informs, Germany


If you would like more information about these events or are interested in
giving a paper, please contact:

Julie Valentine
T: +44 1895 256 484
F: +44 1895 813 095
E: julie@unicom.co.uk

Other events in this series include:

27 April
Knowledge Discovery In Databases (KDD) And Data Mining: Tools and Techniques
28 April
KDD and Data Mining Business Benefits: Applications and Case Studies
29 April
Data Warehousing and Data Mining as Enabling Technologies
30 April
Database Marketing and Data Mining - Tutorial
30 April - 1 May
Analytic DB, Data Mart, Data Warehouse: Set Up and Exploitation
27 April
IUI and Agents Tutorial
27 April
Modern Heuristics and its Application to Scheduling
28 April
Intelligent Marketing: Artificial Intelligence & Statistics in Marketing
28 April
Learning by Support Vector Machines
28 April
Uncertainty in Information Systems
29 April
Agents in Planning, Scheduling and Smart Decision Support
30 April
New Technologies for Risk Analysis

For more information on these events, please send and email to: