heuristic tuning algorithms

Anita (anair@ces.clemson.edu)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 18:17:48 +0100 (MET)

I wish to do a membership function tuning for a Mamdani fuzzy engine.
MATLAB has a function (anfis) for tuning Sugeno models. It however
doesnt support Mamdani model. It must be owing to the relative
complexity the defuzzification process provides. Also, since I donot
have a good training set for my problem, I want to know if there is
literature on some heuristic training techniques which may minimize the
need for training sets. Could you suggest me a source to get to this
destination? Besides membership function training, have you come across
a process of checking out bad rules in a system and disallowing the
system to take in bad rules? I cannot think how one could identify
whether any discrepency in result is due to bad rules or ill-fitted
membership functions. Can you let me know what is the best source for
to look into these details?

Anita Nair