Re: Wanted: Fuzzy tool to produce open code

Stelios Sbyrakis (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 00:13:57 +0100 (MET)

Hi, you should try FLDE for Embedded C, at The output
code is a very robust subset of ANSI-C and is complete - no libraries!

Jens Ginzel <> wrote in article
> Hello,
> I want to use fuzzy logic in the field of controlling. Therefor I need a
> Fuzzy-Tool, that can
> procude C-Code that can be ported to the controller hardware. This is
> possible with the
> most aviable tools, but in my application it is important to adopt the
> characteristic of the
> fuzzy-algorithm to the steadily changing enviroment. So I have to be
> able to change the
> running fuzzy algorithm at run time using another software that runs on
> the controller
> hardware, too. My problem is, that I don't know a fuzzy tool, that
> produces Code
> which is completely open to the user (so that I have a defined interface
> from which I can change
> the controller characteristic at run time.
> Can anybody help me?
> Jens