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Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:21:03 +0100 (MET)


Hyatt Regency La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA OCTOBER 11-14, 1998
Intelligent Systems For Man In A Cyberworld

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IN COOPERATION WITH: World Automation Congress, North American Fuzzy
Information Processing Society, the IEEE TAB Intelligent Transportation
Systems Ad Hoc Committee, and the Institute for Operations Research and
Management Sciences.

Honorary Conference Chair
Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)

General Chairs:
Frank DiCesare
Mohsen A. Jafari

Program Chair:
MengChu Zhou (NJIT)

Local Arrangements Chair
E. Kim (USA)

Vice Program Chairs
P. Borne (France)
M. Jamshidi (USA)
C. Mitchell (USA)
M. Sato (Japan)
M.H. Smith (Canada)
C.C. White (USA)

M. Caramanis (USA)
E.A. Elsayed (USA)
H.-M. Hanisch (Germany)
L. Holloway (USA)
P.M. Jones (USA)
U. Ozguner (USA)
J.-M. Proth (France)
A.E. Smith (USA)
D. Thurman (USA)
B. Turksen (Canada)
A. Zahedi (Australia)

Student Programs Chair
Julie A. Adams

Conference Treasurer
J. Farah

This year's conference theme, Intelligent Systems for Man in a
Cyberworld, has been selected to emphasize the growing importance of
computational methods and modeling tools in the design, analysis and
control of intelligent and information systems. Presentations dealing
with theoretical perspectives, new computational tools, new paradigms in
design and analysis, and innovative modeling applications are
encouraged. Tutorials, plenary presentations, and technical sessions
will emphasize the conference theme. Special sessions on comparison of
different solution methodologies to problems of interest are highly
encouraged. Professor Lotfi Zadeh will chair a panel discussion on "New
Frontiers in Information/Intelligent Systems." Plenary Speakers are
Professor P. Varaiya from UC Berkeley, Professor M. Silva from
University of Zaragoza, Spain and William B. Rouse, CEO, Enterprise
Support Systems.

The conference will be held October 11-14, 1998 at the Hyatt Regency La
Jolla in San Diego, California. Located near San Diego's scenic northern
shores, a few miles from La Jolla downtown, and only twenty minutes from
the San Diego International airport, the Hyatt provides easy access to
many tourist attractions of San Diego county, including Sea World, the
San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park. The spectacular shorelines, Pacific beaches of La Jolla, and
many of the San Diego's best golf courses are only a few minutes away
from the hotel. The Aventine, which includes Hyatt, also houses five
internationally themed restaurants, a sporting club, a spa, a sauna, and
a business center. The Hyatt has swimming pools, and racquetball, tennis
and squash courts. The room rate is $126.00 per night, single or double

February 15, 1998 (Firm) Deadline for three copies of
contributed paper abstract (with topic area designations).

March 15, 1998 (Firm) Deadline for three copies of invited
section/track proposal (with topic area designations).

April 15, 1998 (Firm) Acceptance/rejection notification of
contributed paper abstracts and invited section/track proposals.

June 15, 1998 (Firm) Deadline for final "camera-ready" paper
and author pre-registration.

The Technical Programs Committee solicits papers for presentation at the
conference. All papers will be reviewed by up to three referees for
technical merit and content on the basis of an abstract of no more than
300 words. Papers accepted for presentation will appear in the
Conference Proceedings. All abstracts must have a cover page containing
the title of the paper along with the names, affiliations, and complete
mailing (including electronic mailing) addresses of all authors, as well
as a rank-ordered list of the three designated topic areas most closely
related to the paper. The cover sheet should list the four-digit number
along with the name of each of the three designated topic areas. All
correspondence will be directed to the first named author unless
indicated otherwise. We regret that e-mail abstracts of paper
submissions cannot be accepted. Six pages will be allocated in the
Proceedings for each paper. Papers which exceed this length will be
charged on a per page basis. Each paper presentation should be
approximately 20 minutes.

Invited sessions (each comprised of 3-5 papers) and invited tracks (each
comprised of at least two sessions), are solicited in all topic areas.
Survey papers and/or case studies could also form the basis of invited
sessions. Each prospective section/track organizer must submit a
proposal, including the title of the session/track, a rank-ordered list
of the three topic areas most closely related to the session/track, and
a list of authors with paper titles and abstracts.

The Technical Arrangements Committee solicits proposals for half-day
tutorials or workshops, which are related to the conference theme. An
honorarium will be provided for each tutorial based on the number of

In conjunction with the conference, a variety of special family events
will be offered in and around the San Diego area. These will include
visits to the various tourist attractions. There will be an around the
clock shuttle between the Hyatt and the La Jolla downtown and the La
Jolla beaches.

The designated areas under the main topics include both the theory and
applications. Four digit codes will be used to identify the complete
designated area for the paper: The first two digits refer to designated
topic area (e.g., 11 for Petri Nets) and the last two digits identify
the application area (e.g., A1 for Manufacturing Systems). Please make
sure that you provide us with three options each with four-digit codes.

1 Systems Modeling and Control
11 Petri Nets - Theory and Applications
12 Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
13 Hybrid Systems
14 Neural Networks and Classical Control
15 Fuzzy Logic Control
16 Robot Dynamics and Control
17 Nonlinear Systems and Control
18 Adaptive Control

2 Computational Cybernetics
21 Pattern Recognition and Classification
22 Image Processing and Machine Vision
23 Optimization Techniques
24 Planning and Scheduling Techniques
25 Neural Networks
26 Genetic Algorithms
27 Bio-cybernetics
28 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
29 Soft Computing

3 Human and Machine Systems
31 Command and Control Systems
32 Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality
33 Human Factors in System Design
34 Virtual Reality and Systems Design
35 Machine Learning
36 Adaptive and Learning Systems
37 Multimedia

4 Decision Support Systems
41 Cognitive Systems and Engineering
42 Expert and Knowledge Systems
43 Management Information Systems
44 Data Base and Software Engineering
44 Simulation Methodology and Output Analysis
45 Simulation languages
46 Financial Engineering

5 Quality/Reliability and Systems Engineering
51 System Design and Reliability/Quality Engineering
52 System Design and Validation/Verification Techniques
53 System design and Product/Service Quality
54 Process Monitoring and Closed Loop Feedback Systems

A. Application Areas
The two-digit codes here must be used together with the designated area
A0 Generic Solutions with no emphasis on applications
A1 Manufacturing Systems
A2 Intelligent Transportation Systems
A3 Communication Networks and Protocols
A4 Medical and Health Care Systems
A5 Military Systems
A6 Service and Public Sector Systems
A7 Energy and Environment Systems
A8 Others

Many student activities will be offered at SMC '98. The SMC Student
Activities Web Site,
provides complete details of student activities.

Student Paper Competition: An award will be given for the best student
paper. To be considered, the lead author must be the major contributor
to both the written paper and to the research described. In addition,
the lead author must have been a student at the time the described
research was completed. PLEASE INDICATE IF THE PAPER WILL BE

Student Poster Competition: An award will be given for the best student
poster exhibited. Posters should consist of up to eight letter or A4
-sized sheets. Students should submit three copies of their poster
materials by AUGUST 1, 1998. Instructions on where and when to send the
poster materials will be posted on the student activities web site.

Student Volunteers: Student volunteers will be an active part of SMC
'98. Up to 25 student volunteers will be used to coordinate paper
sessions, assist with registration, support audio/visual equipment, run
errands, etc. Further information regarding student volunteering is
provided on the student activities web site.


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Mailing Address: SMC'98 SECRETARIAT,
Department of Industrial Engineering,
Rutgers University,
96 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8018

Altiok T. (USA)
Arumov, G. (Russia)
Baker, B. (USA)
Banerjee, P. (USA)
Barkaoui, K. (Tunisia)
Ben-Arieh, D. (USA)
Bettaz, M. (Algeria)
Birge, J.R. (USA)
Boardman, J. (UK)
Boucher, T. (USA)
Breedveld, P. (Netherlands)
Buzacott, J. (Canada)
Camurri, A. (Italy)
Case, R. (USA)
Chang, S.-C. (USA)
Costea, I. (USA)
Deng, Y. (USA)
Desrochers, A. (USA)
El Kamel, A. (Tunisia)
Embrechts, M.J. (USA)
Esogbue, A. (USA)
Fanti, M.P. (Italy)
Ferraro, A.M. (USA)
Fogel, D. (USA)
Frank, P. (Germany)
Fukuda, T. (Japan)
Gabrielian, A. (USA)
Gao, Q. (Canada)
Gentina, J.-C. (France)
Giua, A. (Italy)
Govindaraj, T. (USA)
Gruver, W. (Canada)
Hayat, S. (France)
Hogg, T. (USA)
Hu, B. (PRC)
Jakeman, A. (Australia)
Jeng, M-D. (ROC)
Joshi, S. (USA)
Kamrani, A (USA)
Kawaji, S. (Japan)
Keller, J. (USA)
Kim, J. (Korea)
Koivo, A. (USA)
Kuzmina, L. (Russia)
Land, W. (USA)
Lautenbach, K. (Germany)
Lee, D.-I. (Korea)
Levis, A. (USA)
Li, D. (PRC)
Lima, P.A. (Portugal)
List, G. (USA)
Lopez-Mellado, E. (Mexico)
Maione, B. (Italy)
Malakooti, B. (USA)
Murata, T. (USA)
Neagu, G. (Romania)
Obaidat, M. (USA)
Ozbay, K. (USA)
Pattipati, K.R. (USA)
Reveliotis, S. (USA)
Ruan, S.Y. (ROC)
Rubin, S. (USA)
Saeks, R. (USA)
Sage, A. P. (USA)
Sethi, S.P. (USA)
Singh, M.G. (UK)
Sugiyama, S. (Japan)
Suzuki, I. (USA)
Sydow, A. (Germany)
Takagi, H. (Japan)
Takamori, T. (Japan)
Thissen, W. (Netherlands)
Tien, J. (USA)
Valavanis, K. (USA)
Valette, R. (France)
Vassilyev, S. (Russia)
Wang, C.-H. (Australia)
Wang, F.-Y. (USA)
Wang, J. (PRC)
Westphal, H. (Germany)
Woo, T. (USA)
Xiao, Y. (USA)
Zha, H.-B. (Japan)
Zuberek, W. (Canada)
Zussman, E. (Israel)