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Laveen N. Kanal (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 22:58:22 +0100 (MET)


Greetings and a Happy New Year to Prof. Lotfi Zadeh and members of the
Bisc mailing list.

I would appreciate the following openings to be brought to the attention of
suitable candidates. U.S. Citizens, permanent residents and anyone from any part of the world who is qualified to be brought into the U.S. on an H1 visa is
elligible for these positions.

L N K Corporation, Inc.

Positions open immediately to develop/implement technical solutions
and systems for the following: Image Processing and 3D Virtual
Environments projects. The nature of the positions is stated below;

Category A. B.S. or M.S. level with strong background and experience in
C++, Windows95/Windows NT, strong Math background and skills,
and experience or strong interest in Image Processing and 3D
simulation of virtual environents.

Category B. M.S or Ph.D in Engineering, Computer Science or
Physics, with strong background
and experience in Image Processing and background and interest
in Neural Systems. Knowledge of UNIX. Experience or strong
interest in Fuzzy Logic, C++, Windows95/NT a plus.

Positions require innovative individuals who are self-motivated, able to
work well professionally in a team, able to write and speak well,
and interact well with co-workers and customers.

Send resume to L N K Corporation
6811 Kenilworth Ave, Suite 306
Riverdale, MD 20737-1333
Fax: (301) 927-7193
on resume use code: IP

L N K is an Equal Opportunity Employer
working on government and commercial projects in Image Processing,
3D modeling and simulation of Virtual Environments, and Intelligent
Tutoring Systems for Education and Training

L N K Projects With Positions Open

Landmark recognition for Autonomous Ground Vehicle navigation.
This involves processing of electro-optical and infrared images to
segment a wide variety of "Landmarks" from the scene, and using registration
with maps and change detection to identify the location of the vehicle
in the event the GPS is not always available due to jamming or other

We use Neural networks as part of our image processing work, along with
computational vision, model based vision, fuzzy logic and non-convex

A second ongoing project in image processing requires the enhancement of
IR images of objects and the determination of features which are key to
the object being recognized.This work involves various signal and image
processing methods including wavelets and neural networks.

We have projects in the area of 3D terrain modeling and simulation, including
one on accurate 3D simulation of the command information center (CIC) of a
ship.This project is being done on an SGI.

The individuals sought by L N K must be able to easily apply their computer
science, engineering, mathematical, and programming skills to developing
innovative technical solutions and translating them into software and systems.

Laveen Kanal
Prof. Emeritus of Computer Science
Univ. of Maryland at College Park
CEO L N K Corporation Inc.