How to use fuzzy to select course

Denny Wu (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 20:49:39 +0100 (MET)

Hello everybody,

I am so sorry for my pool English.

I try to write fuzzy logic to help employee to select a set course for
self advance training.

I focus on the maintenance training and operation training that each
including two phase: initial and sustainment. And each course may
include electrical, mechanical and operation.

We assumption each course have no priority and standard time is 4

If we use the inputs such as
1. Degree - high degree should be use less time to training
2. Requirement - at mean time we want to learn, may be electrical
40%, mechanical 20% and operation 40%
3. Receptive - self judge your understanding ability in learn
electrical,maecanical and operation that more receptive use less
4. Time - in this period, you have how many times to learn

and output is a set of course


We have 100 course that labeled L1 to L100
I have 6 hours and want to learn electrical 30%,mechanical 60% and
operation 10%, that my acceptive in electrical 70%,mechanical 60% and
operation 80%.
the output courses we assumption are L5(100min),
so we could make decision to choice courses.

Please give me some comment.

Best Regards.

Denny Wu