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Conference Web site:

* Fourth Joint Conference on Information Sciences *

Lotfi A. Zadeh & Azriel Rosenfeld

October 23, 1998 (Tutorials)
October 24-28, 1998 (Conferences)

******************************** THEME ***********************************
* *
* *
* *
* *

FT & T'98: Sixth International Conference on Fuzzy Theory & Technology
Co-Chairs: George J. Klir & I. Burhan Turksen

CS & I'98: Fourth International Conference on Computer Science & Informatics
Co-Chairs: Keqin Li & Pan Yi

CI & N'98: Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence &
Co-Chairs: Subhash C. Kak & Jeffrey P. Sutton

RSSC'98: Sixth International Workshop on Rough Sets and Soft Computing
Co-Chairs: T. Y. Lin & Wesely Chu

IC'98: Second International Workshop on Intelligent Control
Chair: John Baillieul

FEA'98: Second International Workshop on Frontiers in Evolutionary Algorithms
Chair: Cezary Z. Janikow

CVPRIP'98: First International Workshop on Computer Vision, Pattern
Recognition and Image Processing.
Chair: H. D. Cheng


[1] James Anderson [2] Stephen Grossberg
[3] Yu Chi Ho [4] Thomas S.Huang
[5] Teuvo Kohonen [6] John Koza
[7] Zdzislaw Pawlak [8] Azriel Rosenfeld
[9] Lotfi A.Zadeh [10] Hans J.Zimmermann
[11] Panos J.Antsaklis [12] John Baillieul
[13] David Fogel [14] George J.Klir
[15] Richard G.Palmer [16] I.Burhan Turksen
[17] Paul J.Werbos [18] A.K.C.Wong
[19] Walter Freeman [20] Julius T.Tou


Managing Chair of the Joint Conference

Paul P. Wang
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Box 90291
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0291
Tel. (919)660-5271, 660-5259
Fax: (919)660-5293, 684-4860



Recipient: Lotfi A. Zadch & Azriel Rosenfeld

Including a certificate, $10,000 monetary value for attending 10
JCISs and making further contributions to the course of intelligent systems
research, $1,000 maximum for each attendance.



October 23 through 28, 1998
Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

| |
| Information Science Journals - Sections A, B & C |
| |
| Elsevier Science Publishing Inc. |
| New York, N.Y. |
| |
| Machine Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic Laboratory |
| Duke University |
| |




The Joint Conferences publishes three or four proceedings on summaries
which consists of all papers accepted by all respective program committees.
The JCIS Proceedings will be made available on October 23, 1998, for all three
conferences & four workshops depending upon the total number of pages for
each conference or workshop.

A summary shall not exceed 4 pages of 10-point font, double-column,
single-spaced text, (1 page minimum) with figures and tables included. Any
summary exceeding 4 pages will be charged $50 per additional page. Three
copies of the summary are required by June 1, 1998. A deposit of $160 check
must be included to guarantee the publication of your 4 pages summary in the
Proceedings. The absolute deadline for the deposit is August 23, 1998. For
multiple papers author, the following deposit schedule will be observed: one
paper, $160; two papers, $210; three papers, $260; etc., with $50 increment
thereafter. The $160 deposit (one paper) can be deducted from registration fee
later. The deduction is for full registrant only. Students are not eligible.
There is no deduction for student registration. It is very important
to mark FT & T'98, or CS & I'98, or CI & N'98, or RSSC'98, or IC'98, or
FEA'98, or CVPRIP'98 on your manuscript (only one of seven can be chosen).
The conference will make the choice for you if you forget to do so. Final
version of the full length paper must be reviewed for possible publication
in one of the three INFORMATION SCIENCE JOURALS or deluxe professional hard
cover books. Several special issues will be published in the journal after the
conference. The number of the special issues will depend upon the quality of
papers submitted, the availability of guest editors, the interest of research
community in a particular topic and the budget of the publishers. Four (4)
copies of the full length paper shall be prepared according to the
``information for Authors'' appearing at the back cover of Information
Sciences, an International Journal (Elsevier Publishing Co.). A full paper
shall not exceed 20 pages including figures and tables. All full length
papers will be reviewed by experts in their respective fields. All fully
registered conference attendees will receive a copy of proceeding (summary)
of his/her chosen conference or workshop on October 23, 1998. Lastly,
attendees will have the opportunity to purchase any or all of Vol.I, Vol.II
and Vol.III of ``Advances in Fuzzy Theory & Technology'' as well as Vol. IV
and Vol. V ``Advances in Machine Intelligence & Soft Computing''. These are
hard-covered, deluxe, professional books at 1/2 price.


Up to 8/23/98 After 8/23/98
Full Registration $340.00 $450.00
Student Registration $120.00 $180.00
Tutorial(per Mini-Course) $120.00 $160.00
Exhibit Booth Fee $300.00 $400.00
One Day Fee(no pre-reg. discount) $195.00
$ 95.00 (Student)
Above fees applicable to all three conferences & four workshops

FULL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Includes admission to all sessions, exhibit
area, coffee, tea and soda. A copy of conference proceedings (summary) at
conference. In addition, the right to purchase the hard-cover deluxe books
at 1/2 price, and the proceedings of companion conferences, workshops of
JCIS'98, also, at half price. Award Banquet on October 25, 1998 and lunches
on October 24, 25 and 26 are also included through Full Registration. One day
registration does not include banquet, but it does include one lunch on the
day registered. Tutorials are not included.

STUDENT CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: ( For full-time students only. A letter from
your department is required. You must present a current student ID with
picture.) Includes a copy of conference proceedings (summary), admission to
all sessions, exhibit area, coffee, tea and soda, the right to purchase the
hard-cover deluxe books at 1/2 price, and companion proceedings at 1/2 price.
Single student author must pay $160 deposit in addition.

TUTORIALS REGISTRATION: Any person can register for the Tutorials. A copy of
lecture notes for the course registered is included. Coffee, tea and soda are
included. The right to purchase the hard-cover deluxe books and all companion
JCIS'98 proceedings are included. Tutorial registration is independent of
conference registration.


The Travel Center of Durham, Inc. has been designated the official travel
provider. Special domestic fares have been arranged and The Travel Center is
prepared to book all flight travel.
Domestic United States and Canada: 1-800-334-1085
International FAX: 919-687-0903


Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
P. O. Box 13099
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 919-941-5050
Fax: 919-941-5156

Beautiful Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center will be the conference
site and lodging. The negotiated guest room rate would be $80.00 single
occupancy and $90.00 double occupancy (1997 rate). Sheraton guarantees the
rate for 1998 will not exceed a 5% increase. Conference management will update
the accurate rate in the future. This negotiated rate represents a substantial
discount fot JCIS'98. This excellent facilities feature Imperial Athletic
Club, Indoor & outdoor pools, International collection of restaurants, and
quality services.


It is truely our honor and pleasure to announce this important special award.
Professors Lotfi A. Zadeh & Azriel Rosenfeld will deliver a significant
acceptance speech at the fourth JCIS. The award includes certificate, 10
consecutive attendance of JCIS with a total of $10,000 monetary value. The
first recipient of this prestigous award is John Holland on March 4, 1997.





[ ] I wish to receive further information.
[ ] I intend to participate in the conference.
[ ] I intend to present my paper to regular session.
[ ] I intend to register in tutorial(s).

Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. _________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Country: ___________________________________________________________

Phone:________________ Fax: _______________ E-mail: ________________

Affiliation(for Badge): ____________________________________________

Participation Plan: [ ] FT & T'98 [ ] CS & I'98 [ ] CI & N'98
[ ] RSSC'98 [ ] IC'98 [ ] FEA'98
[ ] CVPRIP'98

Up to 8/23/98 After 8/23/98
Full Registration [ ]$340.00 [ ]$450.00
Student Registration [ ]$120.00 [ ]$180.00
Tutorial(per Mini-Course) [ ]$120.00 [ ]$160.00
Exhibit Booth Fee [ ]$300.00 [ ]$400.00
One Day Fee(no pre-reg. discount) [ ]$195.00
[ ]$ 95.00 (Student)

Total Enclosed(U.S. Dollars): ________________

All foreign payments must be made by draft on a US Bank in US dollars.
Personal checks are accepted for US attendees only. Credit cards (Visa or
Master) are accepted for all conference attendees.

[ ] VISA or [ ] MASTER Exp. Date ____________

Credit Card # ______________________________________

$ Please make check payable and mail to: $
$ FT & T $
$ c/o. Paul P. Wang $
$ Dept. of Electrical Engineering &
$ P. O. BOX 90291 $
$ Duke University $
$ Durham, NC 27708 $
$ U. S. A. $


MAY 1, 1998: Deadline for submission of tutorial proposals

June 1,1998 4 pages summary due

August 1,1998 Paper acceptance letter out to author
or rejection.All summaries will be reviewed

August 23,1998 $160 deposit due for each paper prior to
early registration discount deadline

September 1,1998 deadline for invited sessions
exhibitions proposal deadline

September 10,1998 final revised papers due

October 23,1998 JCIS'98 begins