IJCAI-97 Fuzzy Logic in AI Workshop

Anca Ralescu (aralescu@ececs.uc.edu)
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 18:24:14 +0200 (MET DST)

For your information:

IJCAI'97 Fuzzy Logic in AI Workshop (W14)
Nagoya, August 23-24, 1997

Saturday, August 23, 1997

9:00-9:15 Opening remarks (A. Ralescu)

9:15 - 10:30 Invited lecture:
Fuzzy Logic in Artificial Intelligence
Henri Prade

10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

A Method to use Domain Knowledge in ID3-based Induction
Hiroshi Narazaki, Ichiro Shigaki

Integration of Fuzzy Logic and the Object Oriented Paradigm
J. F. Baldwin, T. P. Martin, Maria Vargas-Vera

12:20-2:00 pm LUNCH

2:00 -2:40
On Fuzzifying the Distances between Colors
H. W. Guesgen, U. Lorch

Information Fusion of Several Information Sources for Improvement of Satellite Image Classification
Ludovic Roux

3:20-3:40 COFFEE BREAK

Fuzzy Interaction Prediction for Air Traffic Flow Management
Leila Zerrouki, B. Bouchon-Meunier, R. Fondacci, S. Sellam

Pattern Recognition of Strong Graphs based on Possibilistic c-means and k-formulae Matching
L. Wendling, J. Desachy

Sunday, August 24, 1997

Structure Identification of Fuzzy Cartesian Granule Feature Models using Genetic Programming
J. F. Baldwin, T. P. Martin, James G. Shanahan

Case-Based Reasoning: A Fuzzy Approach
D. Dubois, F. Esteva, P. Garcia, L. Godo, R. L. de Mantaras, Henri Prade

10:20-10:45 COFFEE BREAK

A Similarity Approach to Vaguely Searching Complex Objects
Christoph S. Herrmann, Mina Akaishi

A Brief Logopedics for the Data Used in Neuro-Fuzzy Milieu
V. S. Niskanen

Object model for describing movement in dynamic image understanding
Yukiko Nakagawa, A. Ralescu, K. Hirota

12:55--2:00 pm LUNCH

>From Numerical Interpolation to Constructing Intelligent Behaviors
J. Zhang, Alois Knoll

Evaluation of Quantified Expressions
Anca Ralescu, D. A. Ralescu, K. Hirota

3:20-3:30 Workshop wrap up discussion


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