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The Joint Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS'97 )to be held at
RTP's Sheraton Imperial Convention Center promises to be an excellent gathering
for intelligent control researchers and semiotists.Th support by US Army
Research Office in RTP,in particular,makes it possible to bring some really
HEAVY WEIGHTS from the automatic control community to attend.So far,Y.C.HO;
Roger Brockett;Gong;Sastry;Bushnell;Branicky;Morse;Wang Hua;Lemmon;Alex Meystel
Paul Werbos,etc are scheduled to speak.In the meantimes,we are blessed with the
leadership of Alex Meystel in bringing the emiotics community to the RTP area
to enhance the quality of the joint conference.The support of Jim Albus in
terms of his keynote is just another example of our effort.

In order to facilitate the needs for various universities in the USA
responding to NSF's Call For Proposal on Learning Intelligence Systems (LIS )
,we have decided,upon request,to schedule one afternoon during March 2-5,1997,
specifically for the LIS-interested parties.Since the Learning Intelligence Systems calls for multiple disciplinary teams, this meeting is designed for any
yet incomplete research team seeking for missing components as well as some
individual investigators looking for a research team t be associated with.

The purpose of this e-letter is to bring to your attention that this
joint conference will not only provide an excellent forum for debate on
intelligent systems research,but also will provide the important service
of matchmaker for the LIS call for proposal.

Any inquiries should be addressed to , or

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