Sessions on Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Decision Making at INFORMS 97

Augustine O. Esogbue (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 00:03:20 +0100

Dear Colleagues:

I am organizing a special Invited session on the above topic for the Dallas
Meeting of INFORMS'97 (Institute For Operations Research and Management
Sciences) to be held in Dallas, Texas, October 26-29, 1997. INFORMS is an
organization that needs to be penetrated by our members through high
quality research presentations. So much of the models and tools employed
by these professionals can benefit from the contributions of Fuzzy Sets.
After all, the 1970 seminal paper by Bellman and Zadeh on Decision Making
in a Fuzzy Environment was published in Management Science, an official
publication of TIMS(now part of INFORMS).

I am looking for high quality papers for presentation at this meeting.
Writen Full papers of contributions are not required. However, well written
nontechnical ABSTRACTS of no longer than 50 words must be submitted. The
abstract should not include mathematical symbols, subscripts, superscripts,
or Greek Letters. Each submission, in addition to the abstract, should
include the following: name, title, address, phone number and e-mail, and
fax of the speakers/authors.

Interested participants should e-mail the above information together with
the abstracts to me NO LAATER than DECEMBER 15, 1996.


Augustine O. Esogbue

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