IMPORTANT: volunteer for fuzzy-mail moderation

Wolfgang Slany (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 18:38:09 +0100

Dear fuzzy-mail subscriber,
(others getting this message: please disregard it)

Markus Bonner has moderated the fuzzy-mail list for the past few
years. He recently graduated and will soon have no time for this task
anymore. I wish to thank him heartfully for the great work he has

I am now looking for someone to succeed him. The ideal person is a
subscriber who is highly motivated and will be available regularily to
do the job for a reasonable amount of time. The task can be done by
anyone having an email-account. It takes some minutes every few days to
do the job, mainly consisting in dividing mails into two crisp sets,
those that should be distributed to all subscribers and those that
should be rejected (see the file mod-guide for information on the
policy of fuzzy-mail; it can be retrieved by sending
appropriate reaction in case one is needed. The job carries no salary
but goes along with the honorific title of fuzzy-owner :-), so all
questions from subscribers regarding their subscription are also sent
to this person and should be processed accordingly.

In case you would like to volunteer, please send me
( as soon as possible a short message listing how
you are connected to the net, which operating system you use to send
mails, where you are located, how to reach you by fax or phone, for
approximately how long you could do the job, whether you are already a
user of procmail, whether you could do the job on a very regular basis,
and why you would like to do it.

The deadline for applications is the end of this year. In case several
persons volunteer, the decision will be discussed among the applicants.
In case nobody volunteers, the list will be unmoderated from next year
on, so the noise/information ratio will increase. In any case, the
decision will be effective from the end of the year.

Please direct all comments and replies to this message to; I shall be obliged.

Best regards,

Wolfgang SLANY                
Technical University of Vienna E184/2   TEL: +43-1-58801-6123
Paniglg. 16, A-1040 Vienna, Austria     FAX: +43-1-5055304