IFSA'97 - first announcement

Vilem Novak (NovakV@prf1.osu.cz)
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 01:42:32 +0100

* First Announcement
* IFSA'97 Prague
* Seventh IFSA World Congress
* June 25-29, 1997
* Special Interest Group for Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications
* of the
* Society of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
* Society of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists

Honorary Chair
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Local Committee

General Chair
Vilem Novak

General Vice-Chairs
Petr Hajek and Milan Mares

Program Committee Chair
Radko Mesiar

Program Committee Vice-Chairs
Jaroslav Ramik and Beloslav Riecan

Local Arrangements Chair
Milena Zeithamlova
Local Arrangements Vice-Chairs
Jiri Ivanek, Pavel Pribyl and Petr Vysoky

Area Chairs
Dan Butnariu
(Mathematical Background, Basic Science)

B. Bouchon-Meunier
(Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent
Information Systems)

Hideo Tanaka
(Operation Research, Data Analysis, Economics, Preference
Modeling, Decision Analysis)

Zeungnam Bien
(Engineering Applications, Financial Engineering)

Patrik Eklund
(Applications in Non-engineering Sciences, Life Sciences,
Behavioural Sciences, Medicine, Biology)

Jim Keller
(Classification, Image Processing)

Witold Pedrycz
(Fuzzy Systems, Control, Neural Nets, Soft Computing)

Radko Mesiar
(Other Topics)

International Program Committee

A. Averkin (Russia) Y. M. Liu (China)
J. F. Baldwin (UK) D. Lakov (Bulgaria)
H. R. Berenji (USA) R. Lopez de Mantaras (Spain)
J. C. Bezdek (USA) K. C. Min (Korea)
P. Bonissone (USA) D. Mundici (Italy)
A. Borisov (Latvia) E. Pap (Yugoslavia)
C. Carlsson (Finland) I. G. Perfilieva (Russia)
W-L. Chiang (Taiwan) H. Prade (France)
D. Dubois (France) D. Ralescu (USA)
M. Fedrizzi (Italy) A. Ramer (Australia)
L. Godo (Spain) S. Rodabaugh (USA)
F. Gomide (Brazil) M. Roubens (Belgium)
S. Gottwald (Germany) E. Ruspini (USA)
K. Hirota (Japan) E. Sanchez (France)
U. Hoehle (Germany) S. Sandri (Brazil)
J. Jacas (Spain) P. Smets (Belgium)
J. Kacprzyk (Poland) M. Sugeno (Japan)
N. Kasabov (N. Zealand) H. N. Teodorescu (Romania)
E. Kerre (Belgium) T. Terano (Japan)
F. Klawonn (Germany) I. B. Turksen (Canada)
E. P. Klement (Austria) J. L. Verdegay (Spain)
G. J. Klir (USA) P. Z. Wang (China)
L. T. Koczy (Hungary) S. Weber (Germany)
L. Kohout (USA) R. R. Yager (USA)
W. Kotze (South Africa) T. Yamakawa (Japan)
C.-P. Kwong (Hong Kong) H. J. Zimmermann (Germany)


The Congress will take place at the campus of the University of
Economics which is located in the center of Prague (about 15
minutes walking distance to the Old City Center). The school is
very well equipped with modern audiovisual technology and
projection facilities for all available media as well as with all
kinds of Internet connections. There is an easy access to the
Congress site from the airport, railway station and the old town


The objective of the Congress is to encourage communication
between researchers and engineers throughout the world whose work
is connected to or based on fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic and
related areas. It is also an opportunity to present industrial
applications, new technologies and products which are based on,
or use fuzzy logic, fuzzy sets and other soft computing methods
including neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Main Congress Topics

- Fuzzy and non-standard logics and approximate reasoning
- Mathematical foundations
- Uncertainty and belief mesures
- Information and data analysis
- Natural language processing
- Applications in social and economical sciences
- Industrial applications
- New hardware developments
- Decision-making and control
- Artificial intelligence and robotics
- Neural networks and learning
- Genetic algorithms and computational optimization
- Chaos and its engineering
- Classification and image processing


All presentations and discussion will be in English.


An extensive number of active speakers at the congresses like
IFSA'97 leads to thick and heavy proceedings, which usually
consist of several volumes. This makes problems espeacially to
participants travelling longer distance. Therefore, we will offer
proceedings in both printed as well as CD ROM form. The latter
will include full papers in postscript form together with
programs enabling to display them on the screen and to print any
chosen pages on the attached laser printer. The IBM PC compatible
computer in standard configuration with Windows 3.x/95/NT
operating system is supposed. Unlike printed form, the CD will
also contain demo versions of programs solving various problems
from the theory as well as applications of the soft computing
methods. The participants can order both forms for extra price.

Instructions for the Authors

The accepted papers must be prepared according to the
instructions sent to each of them individually. They should be
typeset using LaTeX/TeX or any equivalent quality typesetting
system} in 10pt size. Each accepted paper must be delivered also
in electronic form as poststcript file.


Tutorials will be provided over two days prior the Congress,
namely in June 23-24, 1997. They will cover the basic
introductory topics such as fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic,
genetic fuzzy systems, fuzzy neural networks, fuzzy mathematical
programming, fuzzy portfolio, fuzzy control and applications. All
participants of the tutorials will get a special booklet with
tutorial texts.


Exhibitions of products with fuzzy logic technology will be
provided. The firms developing software produts as well as
hardware, home produts and others are encouraged to present their
products during the Congress.

Dates and Deadlines

November 30, 1996 Deadline for submission of papers
January 31, 1997 Notification of acceptance or rejection
March 31, 1997 Reception of camera-ready papers
March 31, 1997 Deadline for early registration
June 23-24, 1997 Tutorials
June 25-29, 1997 CONGRESS


All prices are in German marks (DM).

Congress fees Early: before March 31, 1997
Late: after March 31, 1997

Early Late Procee- Congress Refresh- Welcome
dings materials ments party

member 490 550 yes yes yes yes

non-member 540 590 yes yes yes yes

Students 190 240 no yes yes yes

person 90 90 no no no yes

The registration fee includes a copy of proceedings in either of
printed form or CD ROM (to be selected in the registration form)
and other conference materials, refreshments during breaks, the
welcome party and the use of conference facilities.

Accompanying person fee includes lunches, the welcome party and
assistance in individual art and music requests.

Tutorials fees Early: before March 31, 1997
Late: after March 31, 1997

Tutorials fees

Early Late Tutorials Refresh- Lunches
materials ments

member 180 220 yes yes yes
non-member 210 250 yes yes yes
Students 90 100 yes no no

Exhibition fees DM

Tables 500
Exhibitions Boards 300
Stand 900
for congress package 700

Other fees DM
Proceedings on CD ROM 100
Additional copy
of printed proceedings 160
4 lunches (June 24--28) 60
Sightseeing tour
of Prague 20
Organ concert 15
Festive dinner on a Boat 70
Wonderful Dvorak
performance 25
Visit of Konopiste
Castle 55
Trip to Kutna Hora 65
Trip to Karlovy Vary 85

Registration Those who wish to participate in the IFSA'97
Congress are requested to pay the registration and accommodation
fees, and to complete in full the enclosed Registration Form.
This form should be received by fax or mail not later than May
15, 1997 by IFSA'97 organizing agency (Action M Agency).


We have reserved accommodations for participants at various
hotels, mostly in walking distance of the congress site,
University of Economics. We urge all participants to make
reservations as early as possible. Should you be interested in
the agency making the hotel reservations for you, select three
hotels of your preference and indicate your choices (by using
numbers 1, 2, 3) in the Registration Form.

Accommodation fees

Accommodation fee consist of an accommodation deposit and of an
accommodation balance (if required). Please fill in the exact
dates of accommodation needed on the Registration Form. All
prices are per night incl. breakfast.

category Hotel single double deposit

***** Renaissance 310 340 500
**** Hilton Prague
Atrium 295 315 500
**** Rogner
Don Giovanni 225 275 500
**** Meteor Plaza 220 245 500
*** Sieber 190 205 300
*** Bern 115 140 115
*** Ariston 90 135 300
*** Bily lev 65 115 200
** Olsanka 80 100 200

More details and possibly some extensions about hotels can be
found in the printed version of the first announcement. Please,
contact the secretariat.

Accommodation deposit

The accommodation deposit is required from all participants
wishing to stay in the above hotels. In a case that you will make
a choice of hotels from different categories, we ask you to pay
the deposit from the higher category. The accommodation deposit
must be paid together with the registration fees.

Accommodation balance

is the difference between the price of your required hotel and
the paid accommodation deposit. After having received your
deposit, Action M Agency will confirm your choice and tell you
the amount of the accommodation balance which is payable (or will
be withdrawn from your credit card) after March 31, 1997. Those
who agree to settle the accommodation balance together with the
accommodation deposit, please, express it in the Registration


All payments could be made by a credit card (VISA, American
Express, Master Card, EuroCard, JCB, Diners Club) or by bank
transfer to

Czech Republic, Prague, Komercni banka
Praha 10,
SWIFT KOMB CZ PP, account No. 221442-101/0100
Milena Zeithamlova, Action M Agency

Bank transfers should be made net of all bank charges and
commission. All payments paid cash in Prague will be made in
Czech Crowns (at the current exchange rate). You will be provided
with a receipt of payment latest upon your arrival.

Cancellation policy

75% of the registration fee including accommodation deposit will
be refunded for all written cancellations postmarked not later
than March 31, 1997. Refunds of accommodation payments will be
granted in full for all written cancellations postmarked no later
than May 1, 1997. Any cancellations after that date will result
in a one-night deposit charge.


Refreshments (coffee, mineral water, snacks) and lunches will be
served at the University dinning hall. Three kinds of meals (each
with 1 drink) will be served, including a vegetarian one. The
participants are recommended to use this option.

Social program

All participants and accompanying persons are invited to take part in
the following activities:

- Sightseeing tour of Prague
- Welcome Party
- Festive Dinner on a Boat
- Concert --- Wonderful Dvorak
- Visit of Konopiste Castle
- Trip to Kutna Hora
- Trip to Karlovy Vary

More details and possibly some extensions about social program
can be found in the printed version of the first announcement.
Please, contact the secretariat.


At the end of June the temperature in Prague can range from 15
C (59 F) to 25 C (77 F) during the day and from 10 C (50 F) to
20 C (68 F) during the night.

Contact Address

Action M Agency
Milena Zeithamlova
Vrsovicka 68
101 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

tel: +42-2-6731 2333-4
fax: +42-2-6731 0503
e-mail: actionm@cuni.cz
WWW: http://is.vse.cz/ifsa97/home.htm

*********** end of First Announcement ***********************

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University of Ostrava
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