New Fuzzy Logic Internet Resource

Constantin von Altrock (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 19:20:54 +0100

PRESS RELEASE -- For immediate publication

New Fuzzy Logic Internet Resource

Chicago/Aachen, November 20, 1996. Inform Software Corporation and
INFORM GmbH announce the availability of their new fuzzy logic
internet server at "". This server contains new
application papers, technical notes, and information on Fuzzy Logic
and NeuroFuzzy technologies. Many application papers come with free,
animated simulation software. In addition, the new server offers demo
versions of the fuzzyTECH development systems and free plug-ins for
popular control software systems, such as Wonderware's InTouch. The
server also contains a number of educational resources, such as ready
to use interactive presentations, which may be used for individual or
group training.

"We have created this new internet site as a service to fuzzy logic
practitioners and academics that are interested in the application of
fuzzy technologies," says Constantin von Altrock, Director of INFORM's
Fuzzy Technology Division, "Our server provides in-depth reports of
successful fuzzy logic applications in a variety of industrial areas."
All application papers and technical notes can be viewed directly in
HTML or downloaded and ported to a word processor. For many of the
applications, simulation software is provided that lets users follow
the application right on their PC using the free fuzzyTECH Demo.

Other pages at "" contain literature and product
overviews as well as links to the sites of other companies actively
involved in fuzzy logic design. "Visitors to our web site will be
able to find out about Intel's fuzzy application book, Motorola's new
fuzzy-instruction enhanced microcontrollers, Wonderware's new InTouch
FuzzyModule and many other interesting developments," explains Rod
Hemmerlein, Fuzzy Logic Specialist at Inform's Chicago office. He
adds: "Developers will also find comprehensive information on how
fuzzy logic systems can be implemented on their specific target
hardware platform. Users can even download the source code for a
standard set of benchmarks. This allows for comparisons of different
platforms or with published benchmark results."