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Dear Fuzzy and Neuro-Friends:

EUFIT 97, the Fifth Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft
Computing will take place from

September 8-12, 1997

in Aachen. The call for papers you can find also at

or please return an e-mail to me to forward you a copy.

Hope to see you in Aachen next year.

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Karl Lieven
Chairman Organization committee


Aachen, Germany
September 8 -12, 1997

and Call for Papers

- Fuzzy Logic
- Neural Networks
- Genetic Algorithms


The ELITE Foundation (European Laboratory for Intelligent Techniques Engineering) is pleased to announce EUFIT `97 - The 5th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing. EUFIT `97
aims to bring together scientists and practitioners from academic, governmental, and industrial institutions to discuss new developments and results in the field of intelligent technologies.

The congress will take place in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany, on September 8-12, 1997. The "RWTH", one of the largest European Institutes of Technology, is located here and accomodates the cong

The conference will be composed of plenary presentations, semi-plenary sessions, panel sessions, invited and contributed sessions, and other events. There will be parallel and interactive sessions.
hey include scientific and applied presentations in Fuzzy Technology, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. In interactive sessions speakers can also communicate freely with the interested audien
e up to 60 minutes.

EUFIT `97 shows new developments, applications, and products in the area of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. Participants of former EUFIT conferences appreciated the high impact
of this event. This is based on:
- state-of-the-art presentations in the tutorials
- high-level plenary and semi-plenary talks by reputed researchers and industrialists
- new developments in theory of the emerging technologies covered in the technical sessions
- real world applications by end users and providers covered in the sessions and the international exhibition

In addition to the presentation, the participants will have the opportunity:
- to discuss and exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face
- to establish business or research relations with those people who are important in the area of Computational Intelligence (Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms)
- to find international partners for future collaboration (e.g. in the framework of ERUDIT, the European Network of Excellence for Fuzzy Logic and Uncertainty Modeling)
- to see the most up-to-date publications and products (software and hardware)

Topics covered by the EUFIT-conference will be:

1. Basics of Fuzzy Set Theory and Uncertainty Modeling
2. Neural Networks - Basics and Applications
3. Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing
4. Fuzzy Sets in Artificial Intelligence
5. Neural-Fuzzy Systems and Learning
6. Fuzzy Databases and Information Retrieval
7. Fuzzy Control - Methodology and Applications
8. Decision Support Systems
9. Data Analysis and Signal Processing
10. Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
11. Applications in Process Industry and Production Planning
12. Medicine and Biomedical Applications
13. Financial Engineering and Forecasting
14. Software, Hardware, and Standards
15. Panel Discussions on Intelligent Applications in Industry

Structure of the Congress

Tutorials: September 8, 1997
Conference: September 9 - 11, 1997
Symposium: September 9 - 10, 1997
Exhibition: September 8 - 11, 1997
Working Groups: September 8 - 12, 1997

First European Symposium on Industrial Applications of Intelligent Technologies

In the framework of EUFIT a European scale symposium presenting successful soft computing case studies in different industrial sectors will be organized. Only applications that have been proven succ
ssful in industrial practice will be presented. In addition the results from market surveys will be presented and discussed. If you want to contribute your industrial solution, please contact the or


Tutorials (1/2 day) are offered as an introduction for newcomers to the area of intelligent techniques as well as for experienced participants. The lectures will be presented by well known researche
s and recognized practitioners. The tutorials will facilitate the understanding of the presentations of the conference. They include basics and applications on the following topics:

A Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems
Hans-Juergen Zimmermann, ELITE-Foundation, Germany
Monday, September 8, 1997, 10.00 - 13.30

B Using Neural Networks to Improve Consumer Behaviour Prediction
Hilbert Kappen, University of Nijmwegen,
The Netherlands
Monday, September 8, 1997, 10.00 - 13.30

C A Sampler of Non-Neural Fuzzy Models for Clustering and Classification
James Bezdek, University of West Florida, USA
Monday, September 8, 1997, 10.00 - 13.30

D Evolutionary Computation and its Industrial Application
Andreas Bastian, Volkswagen AG, Germany
Monday, September 8, 1997, 15.00 - 18.30

E Neural-Fuzzy Applications in Modeling and Estimation
Christopher John Harris, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Monday, September 8, 1997, 15.00 - 18.30

F Data Analysis Applications of Neural and Fuzzy Systems in Industry
Richard Weber, MIT-Management Intelligenter Technologien GmbH, Germany
Monday, September 8, 1997, 15.00 - 18.30

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit a paper (extended abstract) for parallel sessions as well as for interactive sessions (in English, from 2 up to 5 pages) including clear concluding remarks.
Authors are asked to indicate the topic which is covered (see announcement, e.g. Decision Support Systems) and to give the address of the corresponding author.
Proposals for sessions are welcome. Persons, interested in organizing an invited session should contact the organizer as soon as possible.

Instructions for Authors
Abstract: These instructions give basic guidelines for preparing a camera-ready paper (extended abstract) for the Proceedings of EUFIT `97. The camera-ready paper (extended abstract) (paper-format 2
cm x 29,7 cm) should have 2 to 5 pages.

I. General
Use a laser printer; use 10 pt Times Roman or Courier typeface, single-spaced, single column; margin 20 mm top, left, and right, 35 mm bottom.

Title Page:
Center your paper title in capital letters on line one in 16 pt Times Roman. Leave two lines below the title. Two lines below, center the author's name, position and company name, incl. telephone-,
ax-numbers (in 12 pt Times Roman). Space down two lines and begin typing.


John Smith
Managing Director
XYZ Ltd.

Your text starts here.

Language: English

II. List of references
Every kind of citation style as in technical journals is allowed.

III. Charts, Graphs, Illustrations
Charts, Graphs, Illustrations must be in black and white. Insert them in the text with headings and text reference.

IV. Requested copies
Please deliver three copies of your paper (extended abstract).

Committees EUFIT `97

Honorary Chairman:
L. A. Zadeh, University of Berkeley, USA
General Chairman:
H.-J. Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen, ELITE-Foundation, Germany

International Program Committee

Chairmen of the covered topics:

Basics of Fuzzy Set Theory and Uncertainty Modeling
B. De Baets, Belgium
Neural Networks - Basics and Applications
H. Kappen, The Netherlands
Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing
T. Fogarty, United Kingdom
Fuzzy Sets in Artificial Intelligence
D. Dubois, France
Neural-Fuzzy Systems and Learning
R. Kruse, Germany
Fuzzy Databases and Information Retrieval
J.-C. Cubero, Spain
Fuzzy Control - Methodology and Applications
C. J. Harris, United Kingdom
Decision Support Systems
C. Carlsson, Finland
Data Analysis and Signal Processing
D. Behr, Germany
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
E. Uchino, Japan
Applications in Process Industry and Production Planning
H. Verbruggen, The Netherlands
Applications in Traffic and Telecommunication
H. Kirschfink, Germany
Medicine and Biomedical Applications
D.A. Linkens, United Kingdom
Financial Engineering and Forecasting
H.-G. Zimmermann, Germany
Software, Hardware, and Standards
P. Eklund, Sweden
Panel Discussions on Intelligent Applications in Industry
R. Weber, Germany

Members of the Program Committee

F. Arlabosse, France
K.-E. Arzen, Sweden
A. Bastian, Germany
J. Baldwin, United Kingdom
J. Bezdek, USA
B. Bouchon-Meunier, France
V. Borisov, Russia
P. Bosc, France
G. Bretthauer, Germany
E. Dias-Lopez, Portugal
R. Eckmiller, Germany
H. Eichfeld, Germany
M. Fedrizzi, Italy
L. Fortuna, Italy
L. Foulloy, France
P. Frank, Germany
M. Grabisch, France
A. Grauel, Germany
H. Hellendoorn, Germany
K. Hirota, Japan
R. Isermann, Germany
R. Johnston, United Kingdom
A. Kandel, USA
T. Kavli, Norway
H. Kiendl, Germany
J. Kingdon, United Kingdom
E.-P. Klement, Austria
L.T. Koczy, Hungary
O. Kokkonen, Finland
A. Kraslawski, Finland
R. Kruse, Germany
L. Kuncheva, Bulgaria
R. Mesiar, Slovakia
J.-J. Oestergaard, Denmark
A. Ollero, Spain
C. Pappis, Greece
G. Pasi, Italy
W. Pedrycz, Canada
A. Piskounov, Russia
H. Prade, France
P. Protzel, Germany
I. Rechenberg, Germany
E. Sanchez, France
P. Smets, Belgium
R. Stricker, Germany
O. Tapias, Columbia
H.-N. Teodorescu, Romania
I. B. Turksen, Canada
G. Ulivi, Italy
J.-L. Verdegay, Spain
Paul P. Wang, USA
J. Wernstedt, Germany
O. Wolkenhauer, United Kingdom
R.Yager, USA
T. Yamakawa, Japan
K. Zinser, Germany

Organization Committee

Chairman: K. Lieven, Germany
Chairmen Industrial Relation: R. Johnston, United Kingdom, R. Weber, Germany
Chairmen Exhibition: J. Kopecz, Germany,
A. Goodall, United Kingdom

EUFIT `97, Promenade 9
D - 52076 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49/2408/6969
Fax: +49/2408/94582

There will be an international software, hardware, and book exhibition (like at the first four EUFIT-conferences with at least 20 exhibitors). Exhibitors will present latest developments in soft- an
hardware products and special applications based on intelligent systems. Interested exhibitors are requested to contact the organizers for further information.

Working Groups
There will be working group meetings of the ERUDIT-Network of Excellence. Interested persons who want to organize other working group meetings are welcome and should contact the organizers.

The conference language is English. Simultaneous translation will not be available.

Dates and Deadlines
February 15, 1997: Deadline for extended abstracts
April 30,1997: Notification of acceptance
June 30,1997: Deadline for early registration

Terms and Conditions
Industry Rate University Rate
Early Registration DM 890,- DM 460,-
Late Registration DM 990,- DM 490,-
Students (without Proceedings) DM 150,-
Students (with Proceedings) DM 300,-

Members of ERUDIT and DGOR
Early Registration DM 780,- DM 390,-
Late Registration DM 880,- DM 440,-

Banquet DM 70,- p.P. (extra charge)
Tutorials DM 360,-
Two Tutorials DM 580,-

All prices plus 15% V.A.T.

Preregistration Form

o I want to receive the Invitation Program and the Registration Form.

o I wish to present a paper at EUFIT '97 with the following title:


o I want to organize a session at EUFIT '97 on the following topic:


o I want to present a paper at the Symposium on Industrial Applications on the following topic:


o I want to organize a working group meeting on the following topic:


o I want to take part in the exhibition

o Please send me the order form for the Proceedings of the former EUFIT-conferences:
o EUFIT `96
o EUFIT `95

The following people could be interested in the conference (full address):



If you want to be kept informed, please return this form.

First Name
ZIP Code/Town
Address for correspondence:
Karl Lieven
MIT GmbH - ELITE Foundation
Promenade 9, 52076 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49-2408-945810
Fax: +49-2408-94582