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Vladik Kreinovich (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 03:46:38 +0100

Interval Methods in Knowledge Representation
(Abstracts of recent papers)

With issue No. 4, 1996, the
"International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and
Knowledge-Based Systems (IJUFKS)" (published by World Scientific)
has started a new section: short abstracts of papers and
books on interval methods in knowledge representation.
The first abstracts are published on pp. 391-393.

The experience of several conferences on interval computations and
fuzzy systems has shown that there are many areas of knowledge representation
where interval methods are applied, and many interesting results of
these applications, areas and results
that are often not widely known to the knowledge representation community.

These papers are published in different journals and conference
proceedings, and it is difficult to trace them all.
In view of this difficulty, IJUFKS wants to provide the readers of
short abstracts of these papers (something like an ongoing
annotated bibliography).

We strongly believe that the information about the current
applications of interval methods is
of interest to this community.

To get a better coverage, we need our help.

If you know of any recent papers devoted to the applications of interval
methods to knowledge representation,
please send references to
Vladik Kreinovich at, or by regular mail to:

Vladik Kreinovich
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79968, USA

If you have written your own reviews of such papers,
or if you would like to write such
reviews, please contact Vladik as well. Authors, please send
information and/or copies of your own application papers (papers in
French, Russian, and German are also welcome).
Abstracts should ideally be in LaTeX or TeX, but
ASCII is also acceptable.

This is a new section, and we want the readers' input about how to make
it better. Any suggestions and recommendations will be highly

Those who are interested in other applications of intervals, are welcome to
browse a similar section on Applications of Interval Computations in
the Kluwer's journal "Reliable Computing". For information about this journal,
please see URL (click on journal), or
contact Vladik.