Fuzzy Toolbox for MATLAB

Olaf Wolkenhauer (olaf@csc.umist.ac.uk)
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 16:05:28 +0100

Fuzzy Systems Toolbox (FSTB)
for use with

The toolbox contains more than 160 files in order to investigate concepts
in the following main areas of Fuzzy-Set-Theory:

- Fuzzy or Multivalued Logic - Approximate Reasoning
- The Calculus of Fuzzy Quantities - Possibility Theory
- Fuzzy Control - Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

The FSTB has been developed for use on PC's and workstations with MATLAB
version 4.2; no other MATLAB toolboxes are required.

Updated documentation and latest versions of the toolbox are available
on the Internet at:


The toolbox is available free of charge via ftp : slarti.csc.umist.ac.uk
Directory : /pub/olaf/FSTB


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