CE97 - First Call for Papers

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To: Those Interested in CE97 CFP?

Subject: CE97 - First Call for Papers

Troy, Michigan, U.S.A
August 20-22, 1997


ISPE/CE97, Concurrent Engineering: Research and
Applications, is a major forum for the international
scientific exchange of multi-disciplinary and
inter-organizational aspects of concurrent
engineering (CE). The focus is on the use of integrated
enterprise processes, collaborative work,
information sharing, co-locating resources, and
integrated frameworks and tools. This conference
addresses research and applications issues of CE.
This information is available at Web page:

CE97 is sponsored by International Journal of
Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications
(CERA Journal), the International Society for
Productivity Enhancement (ISPE). CE97 is hosted
by Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, USA.
Sponsorships from Chrysler, other professional and
Industrial organizations are being sought..

Topics of Interest:
Submissions are invited on substantial, original and
previously unpublished research in all life-cycle areas
of product design, engineering and manufacturing,
including, but not limited to:

Planning & Scheduling in CE :Enterprise integration,
assessing an organization's readiness, CE process
characterization, workflow tracking and management,
CE assessment models, planning and scheduling of
activities, re-engineering enterprise processes,
CE metrics, barriers to CE, agile manufacturing, virtual

Collaborative Decision Making in CE :Cooperative work,
team coordination, Decision Support and
Design Assessment, monitoring progress of product
development, change notification across perspectives,
cooperative problem solving, computer support for team
structure, Project & Team coordination.

Information Modeling in CE : Information modeling and
simulation, integrated process capture, design
intent capture, data version control and management,
PDES/STEP, multi-level user access, capturing
corporate history, enterprise multimedia notebooks,
design rationale, integrated database and knowledge-
base management systems.

Teaming and Sharing in CE: Information sharing,
Communication tools, computer-based video and
audio conferring and consulting, multimedia
electronic mail, network-wide sharing of tools, graphical
collaborative user interfaces for inter-operability,
networked collocation.

Networking and Distribution in CE :Integrated frameworks,
architectures for building CE systems, CE
Languages & Tools, integration of design and
manufacturing, knowledge-based integration, virtual team
support environments, Tools for multi-media
conference on the networks, Distributed Computing
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Organization and Management of CE :Principles of CE,
emerging standards and practices, Life cycle
engineering, design for X, integrated product and
process development, environmentally conscious
manufacturing, life-cycle cost and quality.

Reasoning & Negotiation in CE :Conflict Resolution
Techniques, Constraint Management, Negotiation.
Blackboard and Agent-based architecture,
Corporate Technical Memory.

Practical applications of CE :Practical solutions,
systematic guidelines, pitfalls and success stories, case
studies, lessons learned, etc.

Authors should submit a full draft paper or extended
abstract, not exceeding 10 single spaced pages, to the
conference General Chair, no later than January 1, 1997
(preferably by E-mail in plain ASCII or
PostScript). Notification of acceptance or rejection
will be mailed to the first author (or designated author)
on or before February 28, 1997. Final camera-ready
versions of the papers must be received by April 15,
1997. The format is the same as the CERA Journal.

Conference Proceedings:
Conference Proceedings will be published by Technomic
Publishing Corporation as a part of a CE series entitled
" Advances in CE "with official congress catalog (ISSN)
number. Selected expanded papers will be reviewed for
inclusion in a special issue of the international
journal, Concurrent Engineering: Research and Application
(CERA). For Information about CERA Journal, write to:
CERA Managing Editor, Dr. Biren Prasad , Director,
CERA Institute, P.O. Box 250254, West Bloomfield,
MI 48322, USA. Tel: (810) 696-5487/ Fax: (810) 661-8333,
Email: bprasad@cmsa.gmr.com

Conference General Chair:

Dr. Subra Ganesan, Professor and Chair,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, U.S.A.
E-Mail: ganesan@oakland.edu,
Tel: (810) 370 2206, Fax: (810) 370 4625

International Co-chair

Dr. Pravir K. Chawdhry
School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath,
Bath BA2 7AY, U K
E-Mail: P.K.Chawdhry@bath.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (1225) 826956, Fax: +44 (1225) 826928

Conference Program Chair:
Dr. Shuichi Fukuda, Department of Production,
Information and System Engineering,
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology,
6-6, Ashaigaoka, Hino, Tokyo, Japan,
Tel: +81-425-83-5111, Fax: +81 425 83-5119 ,
email: fukuda@mgbfu.tmit.ac.jp

Tutorial Chair:
Dr. Biren Prasad
Director, CERA Institute, EDS, P.O.Box: 250 254,
West Bloomfield, MI 48322-0254, USA
Phone: 810 696 5487. Fax: 810 661 8333
Email: bprasad@cmsa.gmr.com

Area Co-Chair ( Planning and Scheduling in CE)

Dr. P.M.(Nel) Wognum, School of Management Studies,
University of Twente, The Netherlands,
P.O.Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
email: p.m.wognum@sms.utwente.nl

Area Co-Chairs ( Collaborative Decision Making in CE)
Dr. V. "Juggy" Jagannathan
Concurrent Engineering Research Center,
West Virginia University, P. O. Box 6506
Morgantown, WV 26506 USA. E-Mail: juggy@cerc.wvu.edu
Telephone: (304) 293-7226, Fax: (304) 293-7541

Dr. Willem G. Knoop, Delft University of Technology,
Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
Jaffalaan 9, NL-2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 -15-2784546/3034. Fax: +31 -15-2787316
Email: W.G. Knoop@io.tudelft.NL

Area Co-Chair ( Networking and Distribution in CE)
Dr. A. Gunasekaran
School of Computing and Information Technology
Monash University , Churchill, Victoria 3842 AUSTRALIA
Email: guna@fcit.monash.edu.au
Tel: +61 51 22 68 32; Fax: +61 51 22 68 42

Area Co-Chair ( Time Sharing in CE)
Dr. J. Favrel
GRASP / LISPI, INSA de Lyon, Informatique - 502
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France
E-Mail: jfavrel@grasp.insa-lyon.fr
Telephone: +33-72438485, Fax: +33-72438518

Area Co-Chairs ( Information Modeling in CE)
Dr. Anthony J. Gadient
SCRA, 5300 International Blvd., N. Charleston, SC 29418, USA.
E-Mail: gadient@scra.org
Telephone: (803) 760-4357, Fax: (803) 760-3349

Dr Mark Sh. Levin
The University of Aizu, Fukushima, 965-80, Japan
Email: mark@u-aizu.ac.jp

Area Co-Chair ( Reasoning and Negotiation in CE)
Dr. Mark Klein
Information Systems Department, The Applied Research Lab,
Pennsylvania State University, State Collage PA 16804-0030, USA
Email: klein@quark.arl.psu.edu
Phone: 814 863 5381. Fax: 814 863 7841

Area Co-Chair ( Practical application of CE)
Dr. David A Baker,
Manager, Lockheed Martin, Tactical Aircraft Systems, P.O.Box 748
Fort Worth, TX 76101
Email: david.a.baker@lmco.com
Phone: 817 777 2249. Fax: 817 763 2495

Area Co-Chair ( Organization and Management of CE)
Dr. Gopal Krishnan
Industrial Engineering Department, West Virginia University,
Morgantown, WV 26506
E-Mail: gopal@faculty.coe.wvu.edu
Telephone: (304) 293-4607*709, Fax: (304) 293-????

Area Co-Chair ( Data Exchange)
Dr. Rogerio Almeida Barra
Instituto De Automacao, Dundacao Centro
Technologico para Informatica
Rod D. Pedro I- Km 143.6
13081 970, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
Email: barra@ia.cti.br
Phone: +55 19 240 1011. Fax: +55 19 240 3029

Panel Session Chair:
Dr. George Dodd
Director, Michigan Center for Automotive Research,
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309, USA.
Email: dodd@oakland.edu
Phone: (810) 370 2231. Fax: 810 370 4261.

ISPE Representative:
Dr. Marek Zaremba, University of Quebec, Canada
Dr. Gopalakrishnan, Western Virginia University,
Morgantown, WV USA.
Session Committee Members
Dr. Rainer Heger, Inst Arbeitswirtschaft
und Organization, Nobel Stasse, D 70569
Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 711 /970 2186; Fax: 970 2299
Email: Hager@iao.fhg.de

Dr. K.S. Chin
Dept Manufacturing, City Univ of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Ave., Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email: mekschin@cityu.edu.hk
Ph: 852 2788 8306; Fax: 2788 8423

Dr. Dave Buttgen
Lockheed Martin, Tactical Aircraft Systems
Process Definition and Design Modeling and Simulation
P.O.Box: 748, Fort Worth, TX 76101
Mail Zone 6833
Phone: 817 763 2922; Fax: 817 777 2115
Email: buttgendd@lfwc.lockheed.com

Dr. Yuyun Zhang
The National CIMS Engg Research Center
Tsinghua Univ., Beijing 100 084, China
Email: yyzhang@sparc2.cims.tsinghua.edu.cn
Ph: 86 10 62564179; Fax: 86 10 625 68184

Dr. Pavel G. Ikonomov, Div of System and
Information Engg, Hokkaido Univ, Kita-13
Nishi-8, Saporo 060, Japan
Email: pavel@hupe.hokudai.ac.jp

Those, who would like to serve on the conference
committee as representative should contact
Dr. Subra Ganesan at the
above address. A session organizing committee is being formed.
Those interested to organize CE sessions related
to one or more of the above specialty areas
and wish to chair or co-chair sessions should
contact Dr. George Dodd or Dr. Subra Ganesan.

A current version of a CE97call for papers is available at:
< http://ce-toolkit.crd.ge.com/~sobol/CE97.html> and


Phone Number: (810) 696-5487
Fax Number (810) 661-8333; Email: bprasad@cmsa.gmr.com