Symposium Bari, Italy March 1997

Karl Lieven (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 16:37:15 +0100

Dear Fuzzy Friends:

ERUDIT, the European Network of Excellence invites you to participate
and to give a presentation in the "European Symposium on Intelligent
Techniques" which will take place in Bari, Italy from March 20-22,

Please find enclosed the announcement and call for papers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have further questions.

Karl Lieven (Administrator of ERUDIT)

European Symposium on Intelligent Techniques

Announcement & Call for Papers
March 20-22, 97 Bari, Italy

European Network
in Uncertainty Techniques
Developments for Use
in Information Technology

supported by the
European Commission
DG III Industry-
Esprit Programme
as a Network of Excellence

"European Symposium on Intelligent Techniques"

The European Symposium on Intelligent Techniques will take place in Bari, Italy from March 20-22, 1997 and is especially targeted to Eastern and Southern Europe.
Bari, mainly a city of international trade, has a medieval historical centre on the Adriatic Sea and an interesting 19th century district. Several thousand students are with the University and Politecnico of Bari.
The symposium shows state-of-the-art presentations as well as new developments in fuzzy logic and uncertainty modelling. In plenary and semi-plenary presentations reputated researchers and industrialists will present the results related to the different areas of ERUDIT. The symposium will have parallel sessions (one track in Italian) where experts present their newest developments and applications.

The main topics discussed will be:

.Theory and basics of uncertainty modelling and fuzzy logic
.Applications of fuzzy logic and uncertainty modelling in

.Primary (e.g. mining, agriculture, etc.)
.Process Industries
.Components, Capital and Consumer Goods
.Traffic and Telecommunication
.Human-, Medical and Healthcare
.Finance, Trade and Services

The participants will have the opportunity:

.to discuss and exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face.
.to establish business or research relations with those people who are important in the area of uncertainty modelling and fuzzy logic.
.to find European partners for future collaboration.

The Symposium

General Chairmen:
B. Maione, Politecnico of Bari, Italy
E. H. Mamdani, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
H.-J. Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen, ELITE-Foundation, Germany

Organization Committee:
Chairmen: Members:
D. Borri, Italy Gracia Concilio, Italy
K. Lieven, Germany Sabina Heck, Germany
David Naso, Italy

Contact point:
ERUDIT Service Center
Promenade 9
D - 52076 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49 2408 6969
Fax: +49 2408 94582

Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Via Giuseppe Capruzzi, 326
70126 Bari, Italy

The conference language is English. There will be one track of sessions in Italian. Simultaneous translation will not be available.

General Information:
Detailed information on travel, accomodation and registration is available at the above mentioned contact point. You will receive this information also with the final programme (available January 20,1997) if you send back the preregistration form.

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract for sessions (in English, from 2 up to 5 pages) including clear concluding remarks. This extended abstract will be included in the proceedings after a possible revision by the authors as the conference paper.
Authors are asked to give the address of the corresponding author and to indicate whether the presentation of the paper can be given also in Italian. Proposals for sessions are welcome. Persons, interested in organizing a session should contact the organizer as soon as possible.

Instructions for Authors
Abstract: These instructions give basic guidelines for preparing a camera-ready paper (extended abstract) for the proceedings. The camera-ready paper (extended abstract) (paper-format 21 cm x 29,7 cm) should have 2 to 5 pages.

I. General
Layout: Use a laser printer; use 10 pt Times Roman or Courier typeface, single-spaced, single column; margin 20 mm top, left, and right, 35 mm bottom.

Title Page: Center your paper title in capital letters on line one in 16 pt Times Roman. Leave two lines below the title. Center the author's name, position and company name, incl. telephone-, fax-numbers (in 12 pt Times Roman). Space down two lines and begin typing.


John Smith
Managing Director
XYZ Ltd.

Your text starts here.

Language: English

II. List of references
Every kind of citation style as in technical journals is allowed.

III. Charts, Graphs, Illustrations
Charts, Graphs, Illustrations must be in black and white. Insert them in the text with headings and text reference.

IV. Requested copies
Please deliver three copies of your paper (extended abstract) to the ERUDIT Service-Center.

Dates and Deadlines

November 30, 1996 Deadline for paper submission
January 15, 1997 Confirmation of acceptance
February 15, 1997 Deadline for early registration
March 20-22, 1997 Symposium

Terms and Conditions
Industry Rate University Rate
Early Registration Lira 285000 Lira 190000
(ECU 150,-) (ECU 100,-)
Late Registration Lira 380000 Lira 285000
(ECU 200,-) (ECU 150,-)
Students Lira 95000
(ECU 50,-)
Members of ERUDIT*
Early Registration Lira 95000 Lira 95000
(ECU 50,-) (ECU 50,-)
Late Registration Lira 190000 Lira 190000
(ECU 100,-) (ECU 100,-)
Speakers who have an accepted contribution can participate in the symposium at the condition of ERUDIT-Members.

* This is valid for all Nodes of the Network, who have completed the neccessary information by February 28, 1997 at the latest.

Preregistration Form

I want to receive the Final Programme and the
Registration Form.

I wish to present a paper with the following title:



I want to organize a session on the following topic:



I want to become a Node of ERUDIT.
Please send me the necessary information.

Please send me the order form for the Proceedings.

The following people could be interested in the symposium (full address):





If you want to be kept informed, please return this form.
Address for correspondence:
Karl Lieven
MIT GmbH - ELITE Foundation
Promenade 9, 52076 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49-2408-945810
Fax: +49-2408-94582