Workshop: interval and fuzzy methods for risk analysis

AB Risk Group (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 15:33:39 +0100

Risk Assessment Using Interval Analysis and Fuzzy Arithmetic

Sunday, 8 December 1996, Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

This full day workshop will review the use of interval analysis and
fuzzy arithmetic for propagating uncertainty through calculations in
a quantitative risk assessment. These methods can be used even when
data are far too sparse for other uncertainty projection methods. They
are widely applicable and are useful for handling uncertainty of all
kinds no matter what its nature or source. During the workshop,
the methods will be applied to several environmental risk and safety
assessment problems, including hydrocarbon contamination, pesticide
misapplication, soil lead cleanup targets, extinction of endangered
species and event-tree/fault-tree safety analysis.

A workshop booklet and software disk will be provided to participants.
The booklet contains hardcopies of transparency illustrations used in
the presentations, numerical examples, and references, including
instructions for accessing the various Internet resources for interval
analysis and fuzzy arithmetic. The software disk contains source code
and executable programs for doing interval and fuzzy arithmetic
calculations. Computers will be available at the workshop to run the
provided software and make calculations needed to solve the example

For further information, consult the workshop's homepage at or contact Scott Ferson
at 516-751-4350 or