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Tue, 1 Oct 1996 13:54:34 +0100

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> Can anyone tell us about applications of fuzzy logic in environmental
> Domains of interest include: ecology, pollution, agriculture, fisheries,
> forestry, meteorology and oceanography.
> We are preparing a chapter on fuzzy logic for a handbook in AI. The handbook
> is being assembled by AIRIES (Artificial Intelligence Research in
> Sciences). The book is intended to introduce environmental scientists to
> practical, state-of-the-art AI techniques.
> My own field is meteorology. Potential applications of fuzzy logic that
> interest me are:
> expert systems that use heuristics and neural networks;
> remote sensing - e.g. analysis of scatterometer signals;
> control algorithms for environmental sensors;
> data-base mining - satellite and surface climate records.
> I will post results of this search on a web page:
> The AI Handbook for Environmental Sciences should be published in early 1998.
> I will post any news about the book on the same web page.
> TIA,
> Bjarne Hansen (for the "AIRIES Fuzzy Team")
> Meteorologist, Environment Canada
> Halifax, Canada
> P.S. The "AIRIES Fuzzy Team" comprises: Rich Bankert, Mike Hadjimichael, and
> me. Our email addresses are:

There's a simulation program using a user-defined fuzzy system for
controlling deposition and erosion of sediments at an ocean margin...

You can download the program, manual and test files from:


Let me know if you need some published documentation.


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