New book (WILF)

Andrea Bonarini (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 18:56:13 +0200

I'm glad to announce the availability of a new book:


Proceedings of the WILF '95 - Italian Workshop on Fuzzy Logic 1995
Naples, Italy 21 - 22 September 1995
edited by A Bonarini (Politecnico di Milano), D Mancini (Osservatorio
Astronomico di Capodimonte, Naples), F Masulli (Ist. Nazionale per la
Fisica della Materia & Univ. Genova) & A Petrosino (IRSIP-CNR, Naples &
IIASS, Vietri sul Mare)

This book reports the recent results obtained by Italian researchers in
fuzzy logic. It collects some selected papers presented at the 1995 Italian
Workshop on Fuzzy Logic (WILF '95), and some invited contributions. The
book covers some of the most interesting topics in fuzzy logic: theory,
computing, and gives an overview of applications in control, image
processing, pattern recognition, decisions support systems, and high energy

Contents: Structures Related to Fuzzy Logic Approach in Modelling (M
Fedrizzi et al.); Function Approximation by a Neuro-Fuzzy Method (M
Marinaro & D Oricchio); Soft Computing for Control and Identification (R
Caponetto et al.); Color
Classification and Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Logic (R Attias et al.);
Application of the Unsupervised Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network for Remote
Sensed Data Segmentation (P Blonda et al.); Rough Fuzzy Sets and
Unsupervised Neural Learning: Applications in Computer Vision (A
Petrosino); Uncertainty and Approximation in Multimodel-Based Industrial
Diagnosis (A Bonarini & P Sassaroli); Environmental Impact Assessment for
Industrial Plants: A New Approach with Fuzzy Sets Techniques (R De Vita et
al.); Fuzzy Adaptive Inference and Medical Decision Support Systems: A
Modular Approach for Dialysis
Procedure (S Giove et al.); High Speed (>50 MFIPS) Digital VLSI CMOS Fuzzy
Processors Designed for HEPE Applications (M. Masetti et al.); and other

Readership:Scientists and researchers in fuzzy logic, robotics, image
processing & computer vision, artificial intelligence, neural networks,
systems & knowledge engineering, electrical & electronic engineering,
experimental physics, applied
mathematics and economics/finance.

Number of pages: 320. Published: August 1996.
Hardcover: ISBN 981-02-2794-9, price US$76/£53.