CALL FOR PAPERS for publishing in 'Microcomputers in Civil Engin
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 10:54:34 +0200


Special Issue of the Journal
Microcomputers in Civil Engineering
Fuzzy Modeling in Civil Engineering

Dear Colleague:

Fuzzy modeling in civil engineering becomes more and more an interesting
alternative to deterministic or stochastic modeling. Uncertainties of
engineering systems can be modeled by fuzzy variables. Their use offers
the possibilty to include into the model nonstochastic properties of imprecise
input parameters and imprecise structural parameters. Challenging questions
are the assessment of fuzzy results and the development of applicable reliability
criterions. Unsolved problems are also connected with the efficient use of
numerical methods of fuzzy algebra like solution of large systems of
fuzzy equations.

I invite you to contribute a paper to a special issue of the Journal
Microcomputers in Civil Engineering. This special issue will cover all aspects
of fuzzy modeling in civil enginnering. The potential areas include, but are not
limited to:

- Fuzzification of uncertain physical properties of structures
- Constructing membership functions
- Fuzzy modeling in early design process
- Engineering design calculation with fuzzy parameters
- Fuzzy models in different fields of civil engineering, e.g. continuum
mechanics or geotechnical engineering
- Fuzzy optimization of structural systems
- Assessment of structural safety und failure
- Numerical methods of fuzzy algebra (e.g. for systems of linear
fuzzy equations) and fuzzy analysis (e.g. for fuzzy functions)
- Numercial methods for fuzzy initial problems and fuzzy boundary
- Possibilistic and probabilistic interpretation of fuzzy results
- Defuzzification and ranking of fuzzy results

Guest Editor:

Professor Bernd Moeller Email:
Dresden University of Technology Fax: +49-351-463 7086
Faculty of Civil Engineering Phone: +49-351-463 4386
Institute of Structural Mechanics
Georg-Baehr-Str. 1
01062 Dresden, Germany

1. Contact please the Guest Editor by October 31, 1996 if you wish
to contribute.
2. Five copies of the original manuscript plus camera-ready figures
are due by January 31, 1997.
3. Please include an abstract, key-word list, and complete author
information in your manuscript.
4. Direct all enquiries to the Guest Editor.