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SEPTEMBER 8-11, 1996

Visit the FUZZ-IEEE Homepage at http://www.cis.cau.edu/fuzzy.htm

New Orleans is characterized by its balmy, sub-tropical climate. The French Quarter, famous for quaint buildings, narrow streets, patios and courtyards reflecting 18th century French and Spanish influences is one of many attractions that New Orleans has to offer.

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After July 19, 1996
IEEE Members: $460
Non-Members: $510
Students: $130

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One Tutorial: $300
Two Tutorials: $450
Student-One Tutorial: $150
Student-Two Tutorials: $225
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Meeting Management
2603 Main St., Suite 690
Irvine, CA 92714, USA
Email:MeetingMgt@aol.com /

Poydras at Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113-4141
Phone: (504) 561-1234 Fax: (504) 552-4210

This year's FUZZ-IEEE Conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency in
New Orleans, Louisiana. Located just minutes from the historic French
Quarter and the riverfront, the newly renovated Hyatt Regency,
New Orleans, captures the flavor of the Crescent City. The Hyatt Regency
is situated in the heart of the central business district near the New
Orleans Convention Center, Louisiana Superdome and the New Orleans Center
Shopping Mall. It is within 12 miles from the New Orleans International
Airport, 8 miles from Lakefront Airport and two blocks from Union Passenger
Terminal. Airport transportation is available through New Orleans Tours
outside the baggage claim area at a current rate of $10.00 per person,
each way. Attendees of the FUZZ-IEEE conference and guests of the Hyatt
will receive complimentary shuttle service of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans
to and from the hotel and French Quarter. The shuttle departs from the
lobby at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day, and evening.
The hotel concierge will be happy to provide complete schedules of the
shuttle's route and departure times.

Your reservation must be received by August 11, 1996 to ensure
availability and special rates. Reservations received after that
date will be on a space availability basis.


Note: All guest rooms have one king size bed or two double beds.
There is an additional charge for roll-aways.

Rates (per night)

___ $133 US Single or Double Occupancy
___$153 US Triple Occupancy
___$173 US Quad Occupancy

Check applicable
___ $ 35 US Additional for Regency Level
___ $ 15 US Additional for Business Plan Level
___ Non-Smoking Room

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Contact Information:
General Chair:
Fredrick Petry
Center for Intelligent and Knowledge Based Systems
Tulane University
301 Stanley Thomas Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (504)865-5842
Fax: (504)862-8747
Email fuzz@cs.tulane.edu

Publicity Chairs:
Roy George, R. Srikanth
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA
roy@diamond.cau.edu /a
srikanth@diamond.cau.edu /a


Monday, September 9, 1996
8:15am - 9:00 am Plenary Session
9:00am - 9:30 am Break/ Posters
9:30am - 10:50 am Session 1
11:00am - 12:20 pm Session 2
1:35pm - 3:15 pm Session 3
3:15pm - 3:45 pm Break/Posters
3:45pm - 5:00 pm Session 4

Tuesday, September 9, 1996
8:15am - 9:55 am Session 5
9:55am - 10:25 am Break /Posters
10:25am - 12:05 pm Session 6
1:20pm - 3:00 pm Session 7
3:00pm - 3:30 pm Break/Posters
3:30pm - 5:00 pm Session 8

Wednesday, September 10, 1996
8:15am - 9:00 am Plenary Session
9:00am - 9:30 am Break /Posters
9:30am - 10:50 am Session 9
11:00am - 12:20 pm Session 10
1:35pm - 3:15 pm Session 11
3:15pm - 3:45 pm Break/Posters
3:45pm - 5:00 pm Session 12


Special Sessions
Fuzzy Modeling
Chair: Prof. Witold Pedrycz, University of Manitoba

Defuzzification Methods I
Chair: Dr. Dimitar P. Filev, Ford Motor Company

Defuzzification Methods II
Chair: Prof. Ronald R.Yager, Iona College

Optimization & Learning Transport
Chair: Dr. Piero Bonissone, CSIC

Defuzzification Methods I
Chair: Dr. Dimitar P. Filev, Ford Motor Company

Defuzzification Methods II
Chair: Prof. Ronald R.Yager, Iona College

Optimization & Learning Transport
Chair: Dr. Piero Bonissone, CSIC

Rough Sets I
Chair: Prof. Z. Pawlak, Warsaw University of Technology
Chair: Prof. T. Beaubouef, Xavier University

Rough Sets II
Chair: Prof. T.Y. Line, San Jose State University

FUZZY Engineering Design
Chair: Dr. Hans-Jurgen Sebastian,
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Chair: Prof. Hans-Jurgen Zimmerman,
Aachen Institute of Technology

Learning in a FUZZY Framework
Chair: Dr. Bemadette Bouchon-Meunier,
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie

Advanced Methods of FUZZY Control
Chair: Dr. Hua Wang,
United Technologies Research Center

FUZZY Database Management Systems
Chair: Dr. Patrick Bosc, IRISA/ENSSAT



Sunday, September 8, 1996
8:00am - 12 noon

Tutorial #1 :
Imprecision Handling in Database Management and Information Retrieval Systems

Instructors: Gloria Bordogna, Patrick Bosc, Gabriella Pasi IRISA/ENSSAT, France
This tutorial is situated at the confluence of two important areas which are evolving very rapidly: the management of information on the one hand and the applications of fuzzy logic and possiblity theory to deal with imprecision and/or uncertainty on the other hand. Some basic notions regarding imprecision, uncertainty, graduality, databases and information retrieval (systems) are first recalled and the role of fuzziness in these systems is discussed. Concerning database management systems, two major aspects are examined:
i) how to represent, store and manipulate data tainted with imprecision and/or uncertainty, in particular in the framework of object -oriented modeling, and ii)the components and objectives of flexible queries (whose satisfaction is gradual rather than crisp). The last part of the presentation is devoted to the application of fuzzy sets in information retrieval systems for softening both document representation and query formulation.

Tutorial #2 :
Applications of Fuzzy Technology
Instructor: Xin Feng, Associate Professor,
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This tutorial will provide fundamental concepts of fuzzy technology methodologies and address some of most concerned issues on how to successfully apply it to real world applications. Focus will be given to:
- latest on fuzzy technology applications,
- how to identify application areas suitable for fuzzy technology,
- how to select appropriate fuzzy technology tools,
- how to start their own projects,
- how to evaluate performance, and
-how to avoid unnecessary mistakes, what to do and what not to do, etc.
Also participants will learn first-hand experience from the instructor, including his successful stories and mistakes.
Tutorial Outline:
1) Introduction of fuzzy technology concepts
2) Fuzzy technology methodologies:
3) Application areas suited for fuzzy technology
4) Areas not suited for fuzzy technology
5) Survey of recent successful applications
6) Performance evaluation
7) Application examples developed by instructor
8) Cautions and Conclusion

Tutorial #3 :
An Introduction to Evolutionary Computation
Instructor: David B. Fogel, Natural Selection, Inc., La Jolla, California, USA
This tutorial will provide an introduction to the field of evolutionary computation, including genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, and evolutionary programming, and also genetic programming and artificial life. Examples of these procedures applied to the development of fuzzy and neural computing systems will be described.
Fundamental mathematical properties of the algorithms will be reviewed. Practical issues concerning the choice of representation, search operators and selection procedures will be discussed. Attendees of the tutorial will learn how to apply evolutionary algorithms to their own problems of interest.

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Tutorial #4 :
Fuzzy Logic in Pattern Recognition
Instructor: James M. Keller
University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri
Objective: The purpose of this tutorial is to survey various methodologies and aspects of pattern recognition and the role that fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic can play in dealing with vague or imprecise features and data while making decisions. Both unsupervised and supervised approaches, along with training procedures, wherever
appropriate, will be discussed. Several examples and case studies will be presented in order to illustrate the advantages of a fuzzy approach to pattern recognition problems. Specific applications to problems such as automatic target recognition, handwritten character and word recognition, curve detection, and image segmentation will be developed. Participants will gain an understanding of the role of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic in pattern recognition, and will have specific information as to how to incorporate it into their own pattern recognition problems. A bibliography will be supplied to assist participants in finding the details of the algorithms
Target Audience: The target audience includes engineers, scientists, and academics who are faced with pattern recognition problems involving vague, imprecise, or incomplete information. Some familiarity with pattern recognition principles is necessary to appreciate the need for, and mechanisms for, the incorporation of fuzzy set theory into this domain.
(1) Automated decision making, including pattern recognition, has been utilized in a tremendous number of application areas for a long time. Some of the earliest successes of fuzzy set theory from an applications standpoint have been in the pattern recognition area (in particular, in clustering). There has been keen interest on
the part of researchers and practitioners to develop pattern recognition algorithms which deal with uncertainty that is not easily modeled by probability theory. Hence, this topic is of current relevance and interest. (2) There is a large body of knowledge generated in the insertion of fuzzy set theory into pattern recognition. While the research continues to expand, there are numerous accepted techniques which constitute a core of material for this subject.

1. What is pattern recognition?
2. What is the role of fuzzy methods in decision making
3. Supervised vs. Unsupervised Pattern Recognition
4. Clustering: crisp, fuzzy, and possibilistic.
5. Fuzzy rule-based approaches.
6. Crisp and fuzzy K-nearest neighbor algorithms.
7. Neural networks and fuzzy aggregation

Tutorial #5 :
Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling: Theory and Control Applications
Instructors: Krishna Krishnakumar and A. Satyadas,
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) have been shown to be powerful tools for synthesizing fuzzy models. Recent applications of Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling (EFM) to aircraft and spacecraft control, process control, and fuzzy decision models for fault detection have demonstrated the strength of EFM in finding solutions for complex problems. This tutorial will provide a hands-on approach to problem solving using EFM. The tutorial is divided into: (a) Fuzzy primer; (b) EFM techniques and control applications.

Tutorial #6 :
Fundamentals of Fuzzy Logic Circuits
Instructor: Kaoru Hirota
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
The fundamentals of fuzzy logic and fuzzy logical circuits are introduced first with several hardware implementation examples. Then the most important applications, i.e., fuzzy inference circuits, that are characterized as one of the fuzzy extension of combinatorial circuits in two valued Boolean logic are mentioned. In the case of human intelligence oriented fuzzy applications such as fuzzy inference. For such purposes the
concept of fuzzy flip flop has been introduced by the presenter who has more than 15 years career to guide company engineers in the field of understandable lecture even for the beginner of fuzzy technology, and audiences will be able to make design or develop various fuzzy hardware circuits toward the realization of fuzzy computers after finishing this tutorial.

Tutorial #7:
Fuzzy Control Theory: An Analytical Approach
Instructor: Hao Ying and Reza Langari
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas
Compared to the triumphant applications of fuzzy control, fuzzy control theory is far behind and still in its infancy. There is a growing need and effort in treating and studying fuzzy controllers in an analytical and rigorous manner rather than in the prevalent black-box and trial-and -error approach. In this tutorial, recent results on
various analytical aspects of fuzzy controllers relative to classic control theories will be presented. More specifically, the following topics will be covered: (1) fuzzy controllers (systems) as function approximators; (2) analytical structure of fuzzy controllers in relation to the classic controllers such as the PID controller; (3) general and limit structure of fuzzy controllers; (4) stability analysis of fuzzy control systems; and (5) adaptive fuzzy control. The mathematical insight demonstrated in the tutorial will broaden and deepen the participants' understanding on the peculiar characteristics and inherent nature of the fuzzy controllers.



Number Authors Title Time

TUTORIAL 1 Sunday, 8:00 AM - NOON
TUTORIAL 2 Sunday, 8:00 AM - NOON
TUTORIAL 3 Sunday, 8:00 AM - NOON
LUNCH BREAK Sunday, NOON - 1:00 PM
TUTORIAL 4 Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
TUTORIAL 5 Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
TUTORIAL 6 Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
REGISTRATION Sunday, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
OPENING RECEPTION Sunday, 7:30 - 9:00 PM

REGISTRATION Monday, 7:00 AM - 5:05 PM
OPENING Petry,Kraft Monday, 8:00 - 8:15 AM
PLENARY Monday, 8:15 - 9:00 AM
1425l Zadeh Ky Rls Infrmtn Grnltn Fzzy Lgc Hmn Rsnng Cnctp F
POSTER I Monday, 9:00 - 9:30 AM
1076 Buckley,+ Bckprpgtn GA Trng Fzzy Nrl Nts
1184 Chee,+ Fzzy Mbl Rbt Nvgtn Snsr Intrgrtn
1005 Hong Indctve Lrng Frm Fzzy Exmpls
1393 Ivanescu,+ Fzzy Cntrllr Tntcl Mnptltr
1356 Lian Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Obstcl Avdnce Rbt
1275 Muskinja,+ Dsgn Dscrt Sprvsry Cntrllr Rl-Tm Fzzy Cntrl Syst
1027 Porter,+ Prctcl Implmntn Gntclly Dsngnd Comptd Trq Fzzy
1097 Ray,+ Cntrl Actv Sspnsn Usng Fzzy Lgc
1178 Shaocheng,+ Adptv Fzzy Sldng Md Cntrl Nnlnr Systms
1168 Shi+ Lrng Algrthm Tng Fzzy Rls Bsd Grdnt Dscnt Mthd
1108 Sun,+ Dsgn Adptv Fzzy Sldng Md Cntrllr Rbt Mnpltrs
1382 Surdhar,+ Effcnt Fzzy Algrthmn Appld Flxbl Lnk 1DOF Rbt
1010 Tanaka Apprch Stblzn Uncrtn Fzzy Systms
1003 Zhang,+ Twrd Rbt Gymnastics Crdntd Cmptl Intlgnc
COFFEE BREAK Monday, 9:00 - 9:30 AM
Bosc Imprcsn Uncrtnty Dtbss Monday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1207 Cross Unfyng Frmwrk Fzzy Objct Mdl
1305 Cobb,+ Intgrtn Fzzy Qry Frmwrk Exstng Sptl Qry Lnggs
1411 Bosc,+ Fzzy Intgrls Dtbs Flxbl Qryng
1412 Pasi,+ Strctrd Rprsnttn HTML Docmnts
Fzzy Ptrn Rcgntn I Monday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1191 Heikkinen,+ Fzzy Clssfr Dfct Dgnss Sldr Jnts
1238 Keller,+ Lrng Sptl Rltnshps Cmptr Vsn
1008 Mordeson Applctn Fzzy Algbra Atmta Thry Pttrn Rcgntn
1048 Wu,+ Prfmce Cmprsn MOI COA Applctn Imge Lbry Indcs
Fzzy Cntrl XI Monday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1359 Godjevac,+ Adptv Fzzy Cntrllr Rbt Nvgtn
1377 Ewers,+ Exprt Sprvsn Cnvntnl Cntrl Systms
1389 Kovalerchuk Scnd Intrpltn Fzzy Cntrl
1425b Isik,+ Mxmm Entrpy Rdl Bss Fnctn Ntwrk Bsd Nro-Fzzy Cntrllr
Fzzy Mdlng I Monday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1360 Pinto-Ferreira,+ Fzzy Mdlng Rl Bsd Apprch
1284 Gradetsky,+ Fzzy Systms Bsd Wght Asstv Rl Prcssr
1075 Diederich,+ Endrsmnt Obsrvtns Idntfctn
1078 Johansen,+ Rbst Indfctn Takaga-Sugeno-Kang Fzzy Mdl Rglrztn
Fzzy Oprtns Rsrch I Monday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1102 Inuiguchi,+ Prtflio Slctn Indpndc Pssbilstc Infrmtn
1265 Wang,+ Slv Schdlng Prblms Fzzy Apprch
1287 Ishibuchi,+ Frmltn Fzzy Flwshp Schdlng Prblms Fzzy Prcsng Tm
1266 Slany,+ Cnstncy Chckr Fzzy Dgnss Systm Appld Wrm Rllng-Mlls St
MINI-BREAK Monday, 10:50 - 11:00 AM
Fzzy Gntc Algrthms I Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1013 Nelles Fzzy Rle Extrctn GA Cnstrnd Nnlnr Optmzn Mbrshp Fnctns
1145 Yen,+ RUsng Fzzy Lgc Hybrd GA Mtblc Mdlng
1195 Dozier,+ Slvng Rndmly Gnrtd Fzzy Cnstrnt Ntwks Evltnry
1296 Shimojima,+ Vrs-Evltnry GA - Cvltn Plnr Grd Mdl
Fzzy Rbtcs I Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1001 Zhang,+ Mltiagnt Fzzy-Nrl Cntrl Uniped Rbt Lcmtn
1012 Li Road Rcntn Nvgtn Atnms Vhcle Fzzy Rsng
1131 Bowles,+ Fzzy Lgc Pstng Systm Artcltd Rbt Arm
1170 Michaud,+ Fzzy Slctn Blndng Bhvrs Sttd Atnms Agnts
Fzzy Cntrl I Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1002 Cao Fzzy Cntrl Nnlnr Dscrt Time Systm
1109 Goodrich,+ Sstsfcng Fzzy Lgc Cntrllr
1197 Kiriakidis,+ Sffcnt Crtrn Stblty Takagi-Sugeno Fzzy Mdl
1021 Otsubo,+ Fzzy Hybrd Cntrl Mthd Applng Smpfld Indrct Infrn
Fzzy Sts Fndtns I Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1140 Li,+ Cnvrgnc Thrm Fzzy Mrtngls
1375 Mendel,+ Dsgng Fzzy Lgc Systms Uncrtn Envrnmnts Snglr Vl
1039 Bertoluzza,+ Msre Fzzy St Bsd Arbtry Cntns t-Cnrm Fnte Cse
1267 Slany Chck-FLIP++ Knwldge Acqstn Tl Fzzy Cnstrnt-Bsd FLIP++
Fzzy Oprtns Rsrch II Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1304 Cross,+ F-PRG Frnt End Mthmtcl Prblm Slvrs Fzzy Mltjbctv Mth
1053 Ishibuchi,+ Fzzy Rgrssn Nn-Symmtrc Fzzy Nmbr Cffnts Nrl Ntwk
1223 Tanaka,+ Intrvl Rgrssn Anlys Bsd Qdrtc Prgmmng
LUNCH BREAK Monday, 12:20 - 1:35 PM
Fzzy Dcsn Anlsys Spprt I Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1066 Takayanagi,+ Applctn Fzzy St Thry Prd Comprson Jdgmts
1086 Popchev,+ Fzzy Rltns Dscsn Mkng
1136 Beers,+ Intlgnt Hrchcl Anlys Strctr Oprtnl Tst Evltn Anlys
1144 Yen,+ Systmtc Trdff Mthdlgy Acqrng Vldtng Imprcs Rqmts
1187 Wakabayashi,+ Frmwrk Anlytc Hrchy Prcss Mthd Bsd Ordnl Scl
Fzzy Nrl Nts I Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1026 Yao,+ Evlvng Fzzy Nrl Ntwks Extrctng Rls
1043 Pistauer,+ Nrl Ntwk Dsgn Hlcptr Mchnc Mdl Htrgns Dstbd ArcH
1055 Ishibuchi,+ Lrng Fzzy Cntctn Wghts Fzzfd Nrl Ntwks
1077 Mastorocostas+ FUNCOM Effcnt Fzzy Nrl Trng Algrthm
1127 Hauptmann,+ Drvng Envrnmnt Rcgntn Adptv Atmtv Systms
Fzzy Cntrl II Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1120 Ghwanmeh,+ Onln Prfrmnc Evltn Slf-Lrng Fzzy Lgc Cntrllr
1209 Gharieb,+ Fzzy Cntrl Mltivrble Systms Cse Stdy Hlctpr Mdl
1023 Melin,+ Two-Inpt-Sngle-Otpt Fzzy Lgc Cntrlls
1122 Shenoi,+ Effct Cll Mp Grnlrty FGzzy Cntrl Systm Anlys
1218 Zhang,+ Cnstrctng Fzzy Cntrllrs B-Spln Mdls
Fzzy Lgc I Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1017 Novak Hrzn Shftng Mdl Lngstc Hdgs Apprxmte Rsng
1071 Kreinovich,+ Clsscl-Lgc Anlge Fzzy Prdx
1081 Ciftcibasi,+ Fzzy Prpstnl Lgc Two Sdd Inttnstc Fzzy Prpstns
1099 Taur,+ Altrntv Eqvlnt Dsgns Fzzy Contrllrs
1190 Villar Condtns Eqvlnc Btwn Cmpstnl Rl Infrnc Cmptblty Mdfctn
Filev Dfzzfctn Mthds Fzz Sstms I Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1409 Schott,+ Nnmntncty Dscrtztn Errr Fzzy Rl-Bsd Cntrl COA
1418 Filev,+ Fzzy Mdls Indcd Altrntv Dfzzfctn Mthds
1419 Halgamuge,+ Nrl Dfzzfctn Mthds
1420 Tan Defzzfctn Strctr Trnsprncy Fzzy Systm Lrng
1421 Ghalia Aspcts Effcts Dfzzfctn Stg Stblty Prfrmnc Fzzy Mdl
Fzzy Cntrl XIII Monday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1083 Palm,+ Sprvsry Fzzy Cntrl Exhst Msrng Systm (FSEE 1272)
1194 Niestroy,+ Optml Cntrllr Apprxmtn Nrl Fzzy Ntwks
1250 Schwane,+ Gnrtng Fzzy Rls Cntrdctry Dta Dffrnt Cntrl Strgs
1253 Ying Explct Strctr Typcl Fzzy Cntrllr Two Inpts
POSTER II Monday, 3:15 - 3:45 PM
1032 Bowles,+ Cmprng Cntrlls Bll Tbe Exprmt
1022 Coeyman,+ Fzzy Lgc Appld Reboiler Temp Cntrl
1276 Colodro,+ Clllr Nro-Fzzy Ntwks CNFNs Nw Clss Clllr Ntwks
1357 de Oliveira,+ Wrtng Fzzy Rls Drctly CV++ Src Cd
1298 Hadjimichael,+ MEDEX Fzzy Systm Frcstng Mdtrrnn Gl Frc Wnds
1242 Hammami Cche Mmrs Fzzy Lclts Fzzy Wrkng Sts
1104 Huh,+ MIMO Fzzy Mdl Blr-Trbn Systms
1212 Isik,+ Applctn Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Atmtv Actv Sspnsn Systm
1143 Jacomet,+ VLSI Fzzy Prcssr Prlll Rl Extrctn
1042 Karr,+ Slf-Adjstng Fzzy Mdl Mnrl Prcssng Systms
1241 Lin,+ Adptv Nrl Fzzy Fltr Applctns
1292 Torre,+ Synthss Tls Ddctd Fzzy Hrdwr
1319 Sbarbaro,+ Applctn Sprvsry Fzzy Cntrllr Cntrllng Nnlnr Prcs
1326 Tseng,+ Dsgn Fst Infrnc Symmtrc Mbmrshp Fnctn Bsd Fzzy Chp
1331 Tsoukalas,+ Nrofzzy Apprch Antcptry Cntrl Cmplx Systms
COFFEE BREAK Monday, 3:15 - 3:45 PM
Fzzy Lrng I Monday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1142 Katai,+ Fzzy Inrprtn-Bsd Q-Lrng Cntns Stts Actns
1147 Ham,+ Adptv Sldng Md Cntrl Fzzy Lgc Systms
1153 Berthold,+ Bldng Fzzy Grphs Frm Exmpls
Fzzy Pttrn Rcgntn II Monday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1054 Ishibuchi,+ Vtng Schms Fzzy-Rl-Bsd Clssfctn Systms
1067 Kersten Fzzy Qdrtc Clssfr
1085 Bezdek,+ Clssfctn Multpl Prttyps
1092 Jorge,+ Fzzy Adjncy Lngs Applctns Sptl Rsng
Fzzy Cntrl III Monday, 3:45 -5:05 PM
1035 Cao,+ Anls Dsgn Unctrn Fzzy Ctrl Systms Prt I: Fzzy Mdlng
1036 Cao,+ Anls Dsgn Unctrn Fzzy Ctrl Systms Prt II: Fzzy Cntrlr
1126 Yamazaki,+ Applctn Fzzy Mdlng Dstlltn Cntrl
1219 Eude,+ Fzzy Cntrl Ftr Atmtc Gdnc Nr Bs Stn
Bonissone Optmztn Lrng Trnsprtn Monday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1089 Blanzieri,+ Incrmntl Algrthm Lrng Rdl Bss Fntn Ntwks
1328 Bonissone,+ GA Atmd Tng Fzzy Cntrllrs Trn Hndlng Applctn
1425m Ruspini+Berenji Exprmnts Mltobjctv Fzzy Cntrl Hybrd Atmtv Engns
Yager Dfzzfctn Mthds Fzz Sstms II Monday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1299 Filev Plytpc TSK Fzzy Systms Anlys Synths
1422 Runkler Extndd Defzzfctn Mthds Prprts
1423 Babuska,+ Imprvd Infrnc Takagi-Sugeno Mdls
1424 Smith,+ Dynmc Tnng Prmtrzd Dfzzfctn Mthds
Fzzy Mdlng III Monday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1129 Rondeau,+ Optml Dfzzctn Strtgy Pdrycz Idntfctn Mthd
1399 Teghbit,+ Stctr Cnclsn Idntfctn Imprv Fzzy Mdls Accrcy
1034 Cheng,+ Applctn Fzzy Dnymcl Mdle Idtfcn Nnlnr Drm-Blr Prcss
1111 Marin,+ Rbst Pfrmncs Clsd-Lp Fzzy Sysms GLbl Lypnv Apprch
BANQUET Aquarium of the Americas Monday, 7:30 -9:30 PM

REGISTRATION Tuesday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Pawlak,Beauboeuf Rgh Sts I Tuesday, 8:15 - 9:55 AM
1425f Pawlak Why Rgh Sts?
1425g Grzymala-Busse,+ Clssfctn Rl Indctn Bsd Rgh Sts
1425c Tsumoto Extrctn Dmn Knwldg Dtbss Bsd Rgh St Thry
1091 Tanaka,+ Mthd Rdcng Inrmtn Systms Bnry Dta Rgh Sts
1239 Wojcik,+ Strctrl Mdlng Usng Rgh Sts
Fzzy Pttrn Rcgntn III Tuesday, 8:15 - 9:55 AM
1100 Sugeno,+ Smlrty Msr Fzzy Attrbd Grphs Applctn Objct Rcntn
1117 Karayiannis Wghtd Fzzy Lrng Vctr Qntztn Wghtd Gnrlzd Fzzy
1167 Boutleux,+ Fzzy Ptrn Rcgntn Chrctrz Evltnry Cmplx Systms
1173 Su,+ Stc Hnd Gstr Rcgntn Systm Cmpst Nrl Ntwk
1340 Kopp-Borotschnig,+ Nw Cncpt Actv Fsn Img Undrstndng Applng
Fzzy Cntrl IV Tuesday, 8:15 - 9:55 AM
1133 Reay,+ Effcncy Imprvmnts Swtchd Rlctnc Mtr Postn Trq Cntrl Fz
1226 Hemmerlein,+ Fzzy Lgc Enhcd Cntrl AC Indctn Mtr DSP
1041 Venetsky Rl Tme Drct Adptv Rl Fzzy Cntrllr
1148 Ham,+ Adptv Sldng Md Cntrl Fzzy Lgc Systms
1230 Chak,+ Prstncy Exctn Fzzy Systms
Fzzy Mdlng II Tuesday, 8:15 - 9:55 AM
1121 Zollo,+ Fzzy Mdl Evltn Prcss
1146 Yen,+ SVD-Bsd Fzzy Mdl Rdctn Strtgy
1234 Tanaka,+ Idtfctn Pssblistc Cffcnts Fzzy Lnr Systms
1249 di Sciascio,+ Fzzy Mdlng Idntfctn Mltlnr Dynmcl Systms
1255 Chou,+ Mdlng Cmplx Systms Csl Fzzy Ntwks
Applctns Tuesday, 8:15 - 9:55 AM
1060 Peters,+ Applctn Choquet Intgrl Sftware Cst Estmtn
1160 Krammes,+ Applctn Fzzy Lgc Dtcng Incdnts Sgnlzd Hghwy Int
1188 Yasunobu,+ Prpsl Intllgnt Vhcl Cntrl Systm Prdctv Fzzy
1205 Kowalczyk,+ Cntrbtn Invstgtn Slctd Fzzy Rltns Engrng
POSTER III Tuesday, 9:55 - 10:25 AM
1353 Alexander Implmntng Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Blgclly Plsble Nrl Nt
1342 Fujito,+ Twrd Lgcl Frmltn Apprxmt Rsng
1196 Glorennec Nro-Fzzy Lgc
1200 Tan,+ Dsgng Fzzy Cntrllrs GA
1300 Kawaguchi,+ Mds Pns Mds Tllns Undr Cmpstnl Rl Infrnc T Nrms
1400 Kohout,+ Rltnl Algrthms Thrtcl Emprcl Evltn Sytms Fzzy Cn
1139 Kwon,+ Gntc-Bsd Fzzy Cntrl Atmtv Actv Sspns
1185 Liao Rvw Smlrty Msrs Fzzy Systms
1024 Martin,+ Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Dsslvd Oxgn Bioreactor
1414 Schwartz Smntcs Qlfd Syllgsms
1217 Shabani,+ St Estmtn Ad Fzzy Lgc
1192 Liu,+ Nmrcl Apprch Lngstc Vrbls Lngstc Spc
1348 Thiele Ismrphsms De Morgan Algbr Fzzy Tlrnc Rltns Clstr
1392 Torra Wghtd OWA Oprtrs Synths Infrmtn
1237 Wang,+ Fzzy Lgc Cntrlled GA
1157 Wozniak,+ Physcn Svcs Mx Physcn Spclty Applctn Fzzy Cstrng
COFFEE BREAK Tuesday, 9:55 - 10:25 AM
Fzzy Dcsn Anlyss Spprt II Tuesday, 10:25 AM - 12:05 PM
1246 Zeidler,+ Fzzy Dcsn Trs Nmrcl Attrbts
1334 Czogala,+ Fzzy Dcsn Spprt Systm Fzzy-Flou Oprtng Uncrtn
1345 Felix,+ Optmiztn Cpcty Utlztn Fzzy Dcsn Spprt Mdl
1049 Cooper Applctn Fzzy Mthmtcs Sfty Anlys
1283 Pacheco,+ Hybrd Intllgnt Systm Appld Fnncl Stmnt Anlys
Fzzy Clstrng I Tuesday, 10:25 AM - 12:05 PM
1151 Suh,+ Fzzy Clstrng Invlvng Cnvx Plytps
1101 Rhee,+ Vldty Msr Fzzy Clstrng Us Slctng Optml Nmbr Clstrs
1112 Runkler,+ Indtfctn Nnlnr Systms Rglr Fzzy c-Ellpttype Clst
1368 Krishnapuram,+ Rbst Estmtr Bsd Dnsty Scl Optmztn Applctn Clstrg
1040 Karayiannis Gnrlzd Fzzy c-Mns Algrthms New Pssblstc Clstrng
Fzzy Cntrl V Tuesday, 10:25 AM - 12:05 PM
1044 Bien Dpth-Estmtn Vsl Srvng Fzzy Lgc
1149 Chen,+ Anlys FLC Shrnkng Spn Mmbrshp Fnctns
1051 Palm,+ Takagi-Sugeno Fzzy Gain-Scheduler
1154 Rovatti Takagi-Sugeno Mdls Apprxmtrs Sobolev Norms SISO Cse
1274 Rovatti,+ On Apprxmtn Cpblts Hmgns Takagi-Sugeno Mdl
Fzzy Hrdwr I Tuesday, 10:25 AM - 12:05 PM
1350 Butler,+ Gnrl Lyt Dsgn Synthss Usng Fzzy Lgc
1093 Liu,+ Crnt-Mde Fzzy Lngstc Hdg Crct Mr Lss
1038 Shi,+ O(k) Time Implmntn Fzzy Intgrl Fltrs Enhncd Mesh Arry
1107 Inoue,+ Crrnt-Mde Chs Crct Rtrn Mp Apprxmtn Sprvsd Lrng
1125 Masetti,+ Dsgn Fmly VLSI Hgh Spd Fzzy Prcssrs
Sebastian,Zimmermann Fzzy Engnrng Dsgn Tuesday, 10:25 - 12:05 PM
1417 Young,+ Fzzy Cnstrnt Stsfctn Systm Dsgn Mnfctrng
1425i Posthoff Prttypng Lrnd Fzzy Lgc Strctrs Fzzy Eqtns
Zimmermann,Sebastian Applctn Fzzy Lgc Engrng Dsgn
Sebastian,Kriese Evltnry Algrthm Fzzy Ftnss Evltn PC
LUNCH BREAK Tuesday, 12:05 - 1:20 PM
Lin Rgh Sts II Tuesday, 1:20 - 3:00 PM
1425a Deogun,+ Cmprsns Ftr Slctn Algrthms
1425h Cattaneo Abstrct Rgh Apprxmtn Spcs
1425j Mrozek,+ Mthdlgy Rgh Cntrllr Synthss
1425e Lin St Thry Sft Cmptng
1114 Polkowski,+ Implntg Fzzy Cntnmnt Rgh Inclsn
Fzzy Nrl Nts II Tuesday, 1:20 - 3:00 PM
1229 Feuring Fzzy Nrl Netwks Ovrlppng
1308 Blount,+ Intgrtn Fzzy Lgc Nrl Ntwks Qltv Apprxmt Rsng Mdl
1343 Chen,+ Rnfrcmnt Lrng Nrl Netwrk Usng Fzzy Lgc Cntrllr Ssmc
1057 Chen,+ Fzzy Nrl Ntwks Cntrl Uncrtn Systems Tme Dlys
1378 Gherari,+ Bckprgtn Nrofzzy Cntrllr Nnlnr Dynmc Systms
Fzzy Cntrl VI Tuesday, 1:20 - 3:00 PM
1061 Yeh,+ Crss-Cpld Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Biaxl Srvmchsms
1164 Konig,+ Incnstncy Dtctn Pwrfl Mns Dsgn MIMO Fzzy Cntrllrs
1247 Jun,+ Usng Dscrbng Fnctn Anlz Wrgglng Phnmn Fzzy Cntrl Systm
1062 Vudolov,+ Two-Rle-Bsd Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Sldng Mde Ctrl Mgntc
1182 Fischer,+ Rbst Hybrd Cntrl Bsd Invrs Fzzy Prcss Mdls
Fzzy Mdlng IV Tuesday, 1:20 - 3:00 PM
1376 Mendel,+ Nnlnr Prdctv Mdlng Dynmc Nn-Sngltn Fzzy Lgc Sys
1080 Lee,+ Vrfyng Fzzy Dmn Thrs Usng Nrl Ntwk Mdl
1224 Wu,+ Adptv Mdlng Mcro Blck Bt-Qntztn Mppng MPEG Encdrs
1263 Kosko,+ Wht Bst Shp Fzzy St Fnctn Apprxmtn
1383 Geiger,+ Cncrrnt Objct Bsd Mdlng Fzzy Strtgs
PANEL Tuesday, 1:20 - 3:00 PM
POSTER IV Tuesday, 3:00 - 3:30 PM
1384 Gonzalez,+ Trnsfrmtns Vld Rltns Wk Strctr
1285 Huang,+ Fzzy Rls Bsd Qlttv Mdlng
1379 Huang Adptv Fzzy Rl Bsd Systm GA-Fzzy Applctn
1186 Jagannathan Adtpv Dscrt-Tm Fzzy Lgc Cntrl Fdbck Lnrble
1336 Kelly,+ Hyprtrpzdl Fzzy Mmbrshp Fnctns
1180 Klir,+ On Cnstrnd Fzzy Arthmtc
1261 Leung,+ CFAR Dta Fsn Usng Fzzy Intgrtn
1064 Litz,+ Advncd Infnc Strtgy Fzzy Ctrl New Implctn Fnctn
1161 Malki,+ Dtrmntn Contrl Gns Fzzy PID Contrllr Nrl Ntwks
1245 Pingan,+ Nw Apprch Fzzy Idntfctn Cmplx Systms
1130 Rondeau,+ Anytcl Frmltn Inflnc Mmbrshp Fnctns Shp
1155 Sudkamp,+ A Fzzy-Vld Mtchng Indx
1381 Trebi-Ollennu,+ Mltbjctv Fzzy Optmztn Apprch Egnstrctr Assgnmnt
1332 Tsoukalas,+ Hybrd Fzzy-Nrl Flw Idntfctn Mthdlgy
1203 Wirth,+ Fzzy Clssfctn Systm Anls Plymr Spctr Wvlt Trsnfrms
1014 Wu Adptve Neurofzzy Kalman Filter
COFFEE BREAK Tuesday, 3:00 - 3:30 PM
Fzzy Dtbs Systms Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
1020 Kacprzyk Mlti-Vld Flds Vls Fzzy Qryng Fquery Access
1124 Baldwin,+ Fzzy Clsses Objct-Orntd Lgc Pgm
1141 De Caluwe,+ Fzzy Inhrtnc UFO Dtbs Mdl
1171 Yager Knwldg Bsd Apprch Infrmtn Fsn Usng Cmptblty Rltnshps
1396 Yazici,+ Indx Strctr Fzzy Dtbss
1119 Kacprzyk Fzzy Qntfrs OWA Oprtrs Indctv Lrng Errns Exmpls
Fzzy Clstrng II Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
1367 Krishnapuram,+ Clstrng Algrthm Bsd Mnmn Vlm
1116 Karayiannis Fzzy Pssblstc Clstrng Algrthms Gnrlzd Rfrmltn
1354 Sarkodie-Gyan,+ Fzzy Clstrng Mthd Effcnt 2-D Objct Rcntn
1329 Khodja,+ Fzzy Clstrng Clr Rcgntn Applctn Img (FSEE 1410)
1369 Krishnapuram,+ Srfc Apprxmtn Rng Img Sgmntn Rbst Cmptv Clstrng
Wang Advncd Mthds Fzzy Cntrl: Dsgn Anlys Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
1094 Kawaji,+ Mdl Fllwng Srvo Cntrl Fzzy Lngstc Systm
1106 Kawamoto Nnlnr Cntrl Rgrs Stblty Anlys Fzzy Systm InvrtD
1113 Wang,+ LMI-Bsd Stbl Fzzy Cntrl Nnlnr Systm Applctn Cntrl Chs
1150 Chen,+ Bckng Trck-Trlr Sbptml Dstnc Trjctrs
1257 Langari,+ Anlys Fzzy Cntrl Systms Nonlnr Snglr Prtbtn Thry
1407 Wang Stbl Optml Fzzy Cntrl Lnr Systms
Pedrycz Fzzy Mldng Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
1158 Zardecki Effct Nse Chtc Fzzy Mppngs
1181 Fisher,+ Prdctv Fzzy-Rltnl Contrllr (FSEE 1404)
1202 Kruse,+ Tl Pssblstc Rsng Rltnl Strctrs
1206 Hirota,+ Cncpt Fzzy Mltmdia Intllgnt Cmmnctn Systms
1358 de Oliveira,+ Sm Dsgn Optns Optml Fzzy Mdl I/O Intrfcs
1380 Pedrycz,+ Lngstc Dta Mng Fzzy Mdlng
Bouchon-Meunier Lrnng Fzzy Frmwork Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
1371 Jang Inpt Slctn ANFIS Lrng
1387 Janikow Lrng Frm Imprfct Exmpls Dcsn Trs
1408 Mazlack Ungdd Dtbs Mng Imprcs Dmns Lrnd Cgntv Dssnc Rdctn
1415 Bouchon-Meunier,+ Fzzy Prtnng Mthmtcl Mrphlgy Lrng Schm
1416 Lee,+ Atmtc Cnstrctn Fzzy Cntrllrs Evltnry Mltobjctv Optmztn
Berenji Rnfrcmnt Lrng Fzzy Dynmc Prgrmmng

REGISTRATION Wednesday, 7:30 AM - 5:05 PM
PLENARY Wednesday, 8:15 - 9:00 AM
1425k Yager,+ PLENARY Infrmtn Engrngn Fzzy Lgc
POSTER V Wednesday, 9:00 - 9:30 AM
1056 Cao,+ Mdl Free Stblty Anlys Cntns Tme Fzzy Cntrl Systms
1286 Chan Txt Rltns Rcll Basd Fzzy Trc Thry
1259 Chen,+ Extnd Boyce-Codd Nrml Frm Fzzy Rltnl Dbs
1214 Gavat,+ Fzzy Mdls Rcntn Spkn Vwls Rmn Lgng
1309 Guo,+ Dsgn Trnbl Fzzy Atplt Shp Mnvrng
1037 Hayashi,+ Nrl Nt Soltns Fzzy Lnr Pgmng (FSEE 1405)
1216 Hwang,+ Dsgn Fzzy Slf-Orgng Cntrllr
1103 Kobayashi,+ Anlys Fzzy Algrthmc Txt Vwpnt Dly Lnge
1256 Bell,+ Cmplxty Mgmt Prtcl Dta Unts Dstrbd Intractv Simltn Fzz
1090 Mordeson,+ Rtrvblty Cnnctdnss Fzzy Fnt Stt Mchns
1215 Nakata Dpndncs Fzzy Dbs Mtlvld Dpndcy
1174 Santos,+ Fzzy-PID Cntrllrs vs Fzzy-PI Cntrllrs
1278 Wets,+ Fzzy Dcsn Tbl Apprch Bsnss Ste Slctn
1395 Yazici,+ Cmplt Axmtztn Fzzy Fnctnl Mltvld Dpndncs Dbs Rlt
1390 Gomide,+ Fzzy Sts Dstrbtd Trffc Cntr
COFFEE BREAK Wednesday, 9:00 - 9:30 AM
Fxxy Exprt Systms I Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1370 Whalen Spraddtv Strng Implctn Fzzy Rl-Bsd Intrpltn
1029 Rauma Knwldge Acqstn Fzzy Mdlng
1201 Buckley,+ Strctr Rls Gnrl-Prps Fzzy Rsng
1264 Babuska,+ Rl Bsd Smplfctn Smlrty Msrs
Fzzy Rbtcs II Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1204 Lin,+ Fzzy Cntrllr Hxpd Rbt Mdfd Fzzy Idntfctn
1327 Vojdani Dstrbtd Mnfctrng Cntrl Usng Fzzy Cntrct Nt
1294 Surmann,+ Pth Plnng Fzzy Cntrlld Atnms Mbl Rbt
1351 Vince,+ Fzzy Mdlng Exprmntl Flxble Arm
Fzzy Cntrl VII Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1240 Zhao,+ Fzzy Gn Schdlng Cntrllrs Bsd Fzzy Mdls
1019 Kreinovich,+ Re-Sclng Fzzy Contrl GA
1068 Popovic,+ Dsgn Flxbl Strctrd Fzzy Cntrllrs GA
1105 Wu,+ Gntc-Bsd Adptv Fzzy Cntrllr Rbt Pth Plnng
Fzzy Sts Fndtns II Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1179 Pan,+ Bysn Infrnc Bsd Fzzy Prbblts
1220 Dubois,+ Fcsng Vs Rvsn Pssblty Thry
1163 Wang,+ Mmbrshp Vls Dtrmntn Fzzy Sts
Mdcl Applctns II Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50 AM
1311 Arabshahi,+ Fzzy Dcsn Systm Ultrsnc Prntl Exmntn Enhncmnt
1339 Waschek,+ Trgt Vlm Dfntn Thr-Dmnsnl Rdthrpy Cncr Ptnts
1394 Kovalerchuk,+ Fzzy Lgc Dgtl Mmmgrphy Anlys Lbltn
1397 Stegmaier,+ Fzzy Lgc Cgh Dtctn Mchnclly Vntltd Ptnts
1363 Lin,+ Applctn Fzzy Cntrl Rd Tnnl Vntltn Systm
MINI-BREAK Wednesday, 10:50 - 11:00 AM
Fzzy Lrng II Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1222 Nakoula,+ Smltns Lrng Rls Lngstc Trms
1330 Berenji,+ Rfng Lnr Fzzy Rls Rnfrcmnt Lrng
1189 Hall,+ Gnrtng Rls Data
Fzzy Rbtcs III Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1388 Badreddin Anlgcl Gts Sprvsry Drct Cntrllrs Nn-hlnmc Mbl Rb
1373 Babaci Fzzy Adptn Impdnc 6 DOF Prll Rbt
1210 Ahson,+ Avdng Jnt Lmts Obstcls Knmtclly Rdnt Mnpltrs
Fzzy Cntrl VIII Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1268 Sousa,+ Cmprsn Cnvtnl Fzzy Prdctv Cntrl
1269 Kaymak,+ Usng Dcsn Fnctns Nnlnr Cnrtller Dsgn
1273 Berstecher,+ Lngstc Adpttn Fzzy Cntrllr
1232 Karner,+ Nw Mthd Adptng Prmtrs PID Cntrllrs
Fzzy Mdlng V Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1291 Vachkov,+ Rdcng Hgh Dmnsnlty Prblm Fzzy Dynmc Mdls
1262 Kandel,+ On Fzzy Dynmcl Prcsss
1254 Madau,+ Inflnc Vlu Dffzctn Mthd
1198 Tocatlidou,+ Smlrty Ordrng Fzzy Sts Bsd Gnerlstn Prcss
Applctns II Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
1228 von Altrock,+ Intllgnt Hghwy Fzzy Lgc
1236 Wang,+ Crdntd Systm Fzzy Lgc Evltnry Prgmmng Bsd Ntwk Rcfgrtn
1227 Gebhardt,+ Rcnt Sccfl Fzzy Lgn Applctns Indtrl Atmtn
LUNCH BREAK Wednesday, 12:20 - 1:35 PM
Fzzy Exprt Systms II Wednesday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1307 Akbarzadeh-T.,+ Anlgs Fzzy Rl-Bsd Exprt Systms
1320 Dubois,+ Chrnc Fzzy Knwldg Bss
1385 Koczy,+ Optml Fzzy Rl Bss Ct Mse Prblm
1172 Wang,+ Usng GA for lambda-Fzzy Msr Fttng Extnsn
Fzzy Pttrn Rcgntn IV Wednesday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1347 Abe,+ Fst Trnng Fzzy Clssfr Ellpsdl Rgns
1362 Chiang,+ Hybrd Fzzy Ftr Extrctn Frmwrk Hndwrttn Nmrc Flds
1364 Hong,+ Thrshld Strtgy Edge Trckng
1365 Pitas,+ Slct Splt Fzzy Cll Hough Trnsfrm Fst Effcnt Mthd Dtct
1366 Krishnapuram,+ Fzzy Rbst Frmltns Mxm-Lklhd-Bsd Gssn Mxtr Dcmpsn
Fzzy Cntrl 9 Wednesday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1281 Homaifar,+ Dsgn Gnrlzd Sugeno Cntrllrs Apprxmtng Hybrd
1288 Edwards,+ Fzzy Cntrl Micrcllr Crnr Effct
1301 Furuhashi,+ Atmtc Dsgn Mthd Fzzy Cntrllrs Lngstc Rqrmnts
1251 Kosko,+ Stblty Fdbck Addtv Fzzy Systms
1282 Homaifar,+ Lrng Bsd Apprch Dsgn Hrrchcl Hybrd Fzzy PID Cntr
Fzzy Hrdwr II Wednesday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1306 Patyra,+ Fzzy/Sclr RISC Prcssr Archtctrl Lvl Dsgn Mdlng
1321 Giraud,+ Fzzy Flt Dgnss Mthd Appld Stm Crct
1070 Suyama,+ Intgrtd Fzzy Lgc Cntrllr Cntns Prcssng
1074 Kosheleva+ Fst Implmtns Fzzy Arthmtc Oprtns FTT
1289 Rovatti,+ Hrdwr-Sftwr Cdsgn OTA-Bsd Dfzzfctn Stgs
Mdcl Applctns I Wednesday, 1:35 - 3:15 PM
1011 Boekhoudt Hormone Scrtn Estmtn Usng Fzzy Dcnvltn
1123 Chang,,+ Fzzy Rl-Bsd Systm Lblng Strctrs 3D Hmn Brn MRI
1134 Orr Estmtng Mrtlty Rsk Crdc Srgry Usng Fzzy Addtv Mdl
1297 Shieh,+ Hrrchcl Fzzy-Bsd Spprt Systm Ansthslgy Mntrng Cntrl
POSTER VI Wednesday, 3:15 - 3:45 PM
1310 Arabshahi,+ Dvlpmnt Prfrmnc Anlys Clss Intllgnt Trgt Rcntn
1176 Bigand,+ Arc Wldng Fzzy Cntrl Usng Nrl Nt Sprvsr
1165 Bodenhofer,+ Fzzy Algrthm Img Pxl Clssfctn Dscrpncy Nrm
1132 Bowles,+ Fzzy Lgc Enhncd Smmtrc Dnmic Pgmg Spch Rcgntn
1025 Chak,+ Unvrsl Fzzy Cntrlls
1235 Frelicot Mltiprttyp Fzzy Clssfctn Rjct Optns
1213 Gomide,+ Nrofzzy Apprch Flt Dgnss Dynmc Systms
1398 Holgado Dsgn Imprvmnt Fzzy-Lgc Cntrllrs
1009 Mordeson Cnntcdnss Systms Theory
1346 Nava,+ Spkr Indpndnt Vce Rcgntn Fzzy Nrl Ntwrk
1135 Pipe,+ Atnms Systm Fzzy Rl Extrctn Mbl Rbts
1015 Shmilovici Fzzy Systms Idntfctn Orthgnl Mtchng Pursuit
1058 Tontini Pttrn Idtfctn Ststcl Prcss COntrl Fzzy Nrl Ntwks
1004 Ulug Cmbng Fzzy PR & Fzzy Cntrl AI Neural Ntwk
1260 Zembenedetti Dsgn FLC Usng Fzzy Evltn Phs Pln
COFFEE BREAK Wednesday, 3:15 - 3:45 PM
Fzzy Lgc II Wednesday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1374 Mendel,+ Cmplx-Expntl Fzzy Lgc Systms
1225 von Altrock Twrds Fzzy Lgc Stnrdztn
1324 Jacas,+ CRI Apprxmt Rsng Tl Anlys T-indstngshbl Oprtrs
1325 Mizumoto Prdct-Sm-Grvty Mthd Fzzy Sngltn-Typ Rsng Mthd
1361 Custodio,+ Agrmnt Nw Prsptctv Fzzy Lgc Fndtns
Fzzy Sgnl Prcssng Wednesday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1279 Kuo,+ Adptv Wghtd Fzzy Mn Fltr
1159 Doroodchi,+ Implmtn Fzzy Clstr Fltr Nonlnr Sgnl Imge Prcssng
1028 Halimic,+ Fzzy Lgc Estmtr Dynmc Wghtng Systm
Fzzy Cntrl X Wednesday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1303 Kundu,+ Dsgn Hrstc Fzzy Cntrllr
1323 Esogbue,+ Rnfrcmnt Lrng Fzzy Cntrllr St-Pnt Rgltr Prblms
1333 Attolico,+ Rctv Nvgtn Fzzy Cntrl
1349 Cheung,+ Dsgn Stbl Rbst Fzzy Cntrllr Clss Nonlnr Systms
Fzzy Cntrl XII Wednesday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1302 Hasegawa,+ Apprxmtd Dscrt Systm Fzzy Cntrl Systm Stblty Anl
1316 Hu,+ Fzzy Sldng Cntrl Frc Rflctng Tlrbtc Systm
1059 Chen,+ Exprtms Usng Fzzy Lnr Clstrng Fzzy Cntrl Systm Dsgn
1403 Lea,+ HVAC Fzzy Lgc Zn Cntrl Systm Prfrmnc Rslts
Applctns III Wednesday, 3:45 - 5:05 PM
1401 Murakami,+ Expsr Cntrl Systm Vd Cmrs Bsd Fzzy Lgc Usng Clr
1252 Cheng,+ Evltng Gdd Mssl Dstryr Ctstrph Srs Bsd Fzzy SclS
1318 Yoshikawa,+ DNA Cdng Mthd Mechnsm Dvlpmnt Acqstn Fzzy Cntrl
1193 Carse,+ Dtrbtd Adptv Rtng Cntrl Cmmnctn Ntwks Tmprl Fzzy Clssf