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Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
Neural Networks
Decision Analysis
Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications

edited by
Da Ruan
Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK.CEN), Mol, Belgium


Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications is an
organized edited collection of contributed chapters covering basic
fuzzy logic theory, fuzzy linear programming, and applications.
Special emphasis has been given to coverage of recent research
results, and to industrial applications of fuzzy logic.
The chapters are new works that have been written exclusively for this
book by many of the leading and prominent researchers (such as Ronald
Yager, Ellen Hisdal, Etienne Kerre, and others) in this field. The
contributions are original and each chapter is self-contained. The
authors have been careful to indicate direct links between fuzzy set
theory and its industrial applications.

Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications is an
invaluable work that provides researchers and industrial engineers
with up-to-date coverage of new results on fuzzy logic and relates
these results to their industrial use.

Contents and Contributors:
Foreword; G.J. Klir. Editor's Preface; Da Ruan.
Part 1: Fuzzy Logic Foundations. 1. A Unified View
of Case Based Reasoning and Fuzzy Modeling; R.R. Yager. 2.
Open-mindedness and Probabilities Versus Possibilities; E.
Hisdal. 3. Fuzzy Derivatives and Fuzzy Cauchy Problems Using
LP Metric; M. Friedman, et al. 4. On the Classification
and the Dependencies of the Ordering Methods; Xuzhu Wang, E.
Kerre. Part 2: Fuzzy Logic Systems. 5. Possibility
Model and Its Applications; H. Tanaka. 6. Interactive
Fuzzy Programming for Multiobjective 0-1 Programming Problems Through
Genetic Algorithms with Double Strings; M. Sakawa, T. Shibano.
7. The Handling of Fuzzy Objective Functions in (Multicriteria)
Linear Programs; H.J. Rommelfanger. 8. Making
Decisions on Fuzzy Integer Linear Programming Problems; F. Herrera,
J.L. Verdegay. 9. Information Diffusion Principle and
Application in Fuzzy Neuron; Chongfu Huang, Da Ruan. Part 3:
Fuzzy Logic Industrial Applications. 10. Some Application
Examples of Fuzzy Set Theory; H. Hellendoorn. 11. Recent
Successful Fuzzy Logic Applications in Industrial Automation; C.
von Altrock. 12. FIPS - Foundations of a New Tool for
Process Control Problems; S. Gottwald, M. Locke. 13.
Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks in China;
Xiaozhong Li. 14. The Potential of Fuzzy Logic
Applications in Industry; A.J. van der Wal. 15. Fuzzy
Logic Applications in Nuclear Industry; Da Ruan. Subject Index.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston

Date of publishing: August 1996
352 pp.
ISBN: 0-7923-9774-6
NLG: 220.00
USD: 120.00
GBP: 85.25


Author: Da Ruan
Title: Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications
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NLG: 220.00 USD: 120.00 GBP: 85.25


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<HDR>:Da Ruan; Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications
<BT>Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications
<AUT>Da Ruan
<KW>Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
Neural Networks
Decision Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
<PD>August 1996